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Forget the 6-pack, here are 5 things that make men more attractive


What makes a man more attractive? Over the years, ladies have come up with ideas of how a modern man should look like.

Most men would think that ladies adore the physical attributes of a man than what he has to offer. Do not stress, you don’t need to go to the gym.

Men can be attractive in so many ways, which sometimes differs depending on the situation.

Here are some ways:


No lady will fall for a man with zero sense of purpose. A man with the intention of one day dating a lady has to have something to his name i.e. something going on e.g. a business or a project. Women like men who dedicate their time to a specific project, especially if it’s career- developing. Purpose sometimes doesn’t even have to be related to your career.

A fixer

Plain and simple, ladies adore men who have the ability to fix stuff. You have to know how to use items in a toolbox in case a lady needs something to be fixed without necessarily calling a ‘fundi’. Ladies like the idea of the man helping out around the house and fixing things is a plus.

Family love

Ladies will always approve of a man who loves and cares for his family, there’s no way around it. This character reveals a lot to the lady – makes her know that you are a responsible person, capable of taking care of lots of people, including her. It also shows that the man is devoted to starting his own family one day. The lady will know that the man is mature emotionally and is able to love someone.

Knows what he wants

A man who knows what he wants in life always gets the girl. For ladies, it’s attractive to see a man with goals and dreams – with him putting his best foot forward to get to them. Having goals and dreams shows the lady that you have a sense of direction.

Good manners

This is self-explanatory. Simple things like saying ‘Thankyou’ are praiseworthy. We understand men like to be men but it doesn’t hurt to use a fork and knife to eat sometime. Ladies know a well-mannered guy is a sure bet in front of her parents. It’s always important to remain polite even if frustrated. 

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