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The challenges a 3 feet person goes through


She peered through her window and that morning appeared silent as of an airless world. Such were the moments that enticed a strange presence to work relentlessly through her. And she never fought it, instead, she always submitted to its power with a palatable pleasure. She put in writing strange meanings of all symbols that blazed her world. The coupling of words always defined the true nature of her mind. Her seemingly possessed hands had the power of changing a horrid world to appear achingly beautiful. She inspired her readers with a stubborn curiosity, escorted by a hopeful feeling.

Sarah was a twenty year old, who was somewhat about three feet tall. In addition to that physical challenge, she had recurring hip problems. She always suffered painful hip fractures that had completely distorted her walking style. As a result, most of her life was tethered in and out of the hospital like a ringbolt. However, she always felt sorry to the people who rained pity on her with ripples of shameless whispers.

Sarah was a happy girl with a big heart full of an immense and humbling power. Yes, she knew she looked different from everyone else. And just like everyone else, she knew she could have wished for a different life, but she was having this one. And she was living it, trusting each day with an implicit delight that shone through her eyes.

She loved visiting the nearby old people's home, where she floated in the flawless beauty of memories of her friends. The old and the abandoned were her friends who only believed in the power of time. They told her old tales of a real and imagined outer gray world. They also gave her wild, sweet tales of a world full of glorious possibilities.

Sarah loved those tales which she surrendered inexplicably to her talented hands. Now she was about to leave, but terror always ran through her mind at the thought of walking out there. She always wished that she was capable of employing a little magic that would make her disappear and appear at her destination. That would help escape the hard inviting looks that always accompanied her along her paths.  

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