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How Kikuyu radio comedian ‘Githingithia’ caused a political earthquake

Popular Kikuyu comedian Githingithia(Fredrick Maina), speaking on Kameme FM, urged Kikuyus to register as voters in big numbers to re-elect President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto.

"Our people, the situation is critical. Our House if we joke around we will go through where weasel (kaihu) in trouble passed. In other communities,  you cannot buy or sell without showing a national ID and voters' card but for us, we take it for granted that you can't leave your business to go register as a voter," said Githingithia. Adding that, “Subsequently, you will look for place to run your business but you will never have any. In this country we need only conducive environment for business, pray to God and move around without distraction. But if we fail to vote Uhuru and Ruto back into government, I can assure you that you will sing Psalms 137, that “by the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we remembered our country".

He told listeners that “If you are 18 years, comes from Central region but you have not registered as a voter or have no ID then you are infertile because you are like a gun without rounds or a toothless lion.

You should also know this time round we want a victory with a wider margin because last time we escaped narrowly. Let's stop this tendency of last-minute rush.

Githingithia went on to argue that, “Saying you cannot desert your business to register as voter or participate in election will only lead to suffering.  Let me tell you my brother and sister, you will look for place to return to afterwards but there will be none.”

The comedian who has a huge following in Central Kenya added that getting registered as voters in big numbers “to fight for our rights and liberty” is the only way “we will sort out this contest.”

He quoted Proverbs 18: 18 saying that, “Casting the lot settles disputes and separates opponents. At this moment combatants are Jubilee and Cord. If that is the word of God saying that, who are you to fail to participate in this undertaking claiming you are not getting paid for it.

It is okay if you have not got any money in those five years of Uhuru’s governance. So, what do you think you will accomplish or fail to within those two days?”

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