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Bum-per harvest: Why Kenyan men are obsessed with big behinds


“You guy! That dendai...” so do the lyrics of P-Unit’s popular hit, which arguably made Vera Sidika an instant hit, go. We are talking about that voluptuous derrière that the likes of socialite Corazon Kwamboka and Grace Msalame just to name a few, have made famous.

Images of big behinds are constantly being tossed in people’s faces, and we (and I should stress...well men) can’t seem to get enough of them. Competitions such as Miss Bum Bum that will be held at Da Place Kisumu in a few weeks are even making this big behind trend a phenomenon.

So, isn’t it time we question why men are now obsessed with having a big booty girl than the ordinary slim girl they preferred before?

It’s the first thing men notice in a lady... well the second thing after the bosom. The rear bumper has become the gold standard to determine how hot a woman is. Women from a particular region in the country have always held the trophy for having the best behinds (and in almost equal measure, others from another region get derided for being ‘flat’).

Men also want a butt they can rest their beer on... or a plate of food if the tables are otherwise occupied, that with all pun intended.

They say the curvier the better. It just means more room for the ugali and the glass of water. The biggest draw for men, though, is the curve of the spine that gives the rear bumper that Subaru-like lift. It invokes unbidden images of the uber-sexy woman.

That is why, even though a woman might have a big booty but it hangs low, they’ll get passed over for the ‘River Road’ material.

All the songs men love involves a big butt. There is no denying that our music is a huge influence and the videos that go along with those songs are heavy on the butt images.

The Kamatia Chini branch of the ‘Team Mafisi’ Sacco will tell you how much they love to grind up on a big booty at the local hang if it gives them a chance to bask in the glory that is the big booty... and once in a while to cop a feel. The primitive move of grabbing a girl’s butt to show her how much you are into her seems to be back in full effect. Girls get ready to feel like a pin cushion.

The big booty is not all for the show, though. Our African culture has always placed the big booty woman in high regard. The narrow waist and big behind have long been associated with the ability to give birth. The wide hips and big behind have always been the yardstick to finding a good wife to bear your progeny and as such has been heavily sought. The rest of the world is just now catching up with us.

One thing we can all agree on is that the men who love a big booty are more open minded. They realise that it’s a fad and will probably be over when the next one comes along. A man who can stick with the big booty woman even after the fad is over... now that one is a keeper. What is your take? Keep the debate going on...

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