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Oprah Winfrey clarifies relationship with Taraji P. Henson amid internet speculation

 Oprah Winfrey and Taraji P. Henson. (Courtesy/Instagram-Oprah)

Oprah Winfrey has addressed the recent online speculation regarding her relationship with Taraji P. Henson, vehemently denying any lack of support. In an exclusive interview with ET on Sunday, Winfrey clarified the misconceptions surrounding her role as a producer for a film in which Henson was involved.

"I would just like to say about this whole Taraji thing... I heard I was trending yesterday," Winfrey told ET's Kevin Frazier. "People are saying that I was not supporting Taraji. Taraji will tell you herself that I've been the greatest champion of this film."

Setting the record straight, Winfrey emphasized her active involvement behind the scenes, tackling issues beyond the scope of budgeting, which falls under the purview of Warner Brothers. She dispelled notions that she had neglected Henson's concerns, asserting her commitment to resolving any problems promptly.

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"We as producers, everybody gets their salary everybody is negotiated by your team. And so, whenever I heard there was an issue or there was a problem, there was a problem with cars or the problem with their food, I would step in and do whatever I could to make it right," Winfrey explained.

Addressing a specific incident where internet rumors suggested a strained relationship between Winfrey and Henson during a photo call at the Empire State Building, Winfrey clarified the context, attributing any perceived distance to the cold weather and the fatigue of a hectic day.

"I am all for everybody being the greatest and rising to meet the rising of their own life," she affirmed.

Meanwhile, Henson, speaking at the Palm Springs International Film Festival's Film Awards gala, reiterated her longstanding concerns about pay disparities in the industry. Expressing frustration with the systemic issue, Henson emphasized the collaborative nature of the film industry, where fair compensation for all team members is essential.

In a candid conversation on SiriusXM radio, Henson, alongside fellow guests Danielle Brooks and Blitz Bazawule, delved into the financial challenges faced by actors, particularly the inconsistency in recognizing and valuing talent.

"I'm tired of working so hard, being gracious at what I do, [and] getting paid a fraction of the cost," Henson lamented. "I'm tired of hearing my sisters say the same thing over and over. Something's gotta give."

"Twenty-plus years in the game, and I hear the same thing, and I see what you do for another production, but when it's time to go to bat for us, they don't have any money. They play in your face. And I'm just supposed to smile and grin and bear it. Enough is enough!" Henson said.

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