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Elsa Majimbo opens up about leaving Kenya due to colorism

 Kenyan comedienne Elsa Majimbo. (Courtesy)

Elsa Majimbo, the Kenyan comedienne who soared to global fame during the pandemic, recently shared a personal account on TikTok, shedding light on her decision to leave Kenya at the age of 19. The driving factor behind this move? The pervasive issue of colorism that had marred her upbringing.

In her TikTok video, Majimbo humorously mimicked the hurtful comments she faced growing up, including remarks like 'you are so dark' and mocking imitations of her skin tone. 

Even before her rise to fame, she encountered derogatory comments such as 'Oh, look at that tint hohoho' and 'She’s so ugly, why? Coz she’s dark.' 

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These experiences shaped her decision to break away, as she expressed, "I will never progress in this country with this kind of mentality."

The comedienne, known for her boldness, then highlighted her unwavering focus on success, stating, "It’s not even about 'oh, I am a victim and all that… I am loyal about one thing - The bag." 

Her decision to relocate to the United States was motivated by a desire to escape the colorism she experienced in Kenya and to find a space where her complexion was celebrated rather than criticized.

Upon her move to the U.S., Majimbo observed a shift in attitudes toward her skin tone. She recounted, "In the US, everyone was like, ‘Oh my goodness, look at her skin, it’s so stunning, it looks like pearls, it's shining, oh darling oh darling." 

This positive reception became a vital factor as she confidently questioned, "So why wouldn’t I be paid in dollars?"


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In a live Instagram session just a week ago, Majimbo directly addressed critics claiming that success had altered her core identity. 

Responding with characteristic boldness, she affirmed, "Of course, it has. Are you joking? I was never humble. I was a victim of my circumstances." 

Without hesitation, she declared, "I’ve seen a lot of comments on how money has changed me so much, and my response is, of course, it has. I’m rich now!"

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