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Nadia Mukami gets emotional responding to Jalang'o’s pregnancy claims

 Nadia Mukami responds to Jalang'o's pregnancy claims.

Singer Nadia Mukami has expressed her disappointment at radio presenter Jalang'o’s remarks during his morning show where he claimed the artiste was hiding her pregnancy.

Nadia took to Instagram and posted a video narrating how she felt betrayed by Jalang'o, saying this was the first time she made a video to address someone publicly. 

Addressing Jalang'o while in her car, Nadia told the radio presenter that what he did was “low, disrespectful and demeaning” despite his “rude” follow-up video while responding to Arrow Bwoy. 


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The artiste further highlighted Jalang'o’s remarks during his show, saying the presenter had invited them (Nadia and Arrow Bwoy) to his house only for him to betray their privacy. Nadia says she was hesitant to go to Jalang'o’s house at first but later gave in after Arrow Bwoy convinced her otherwise. 

“What you did was outright wrong, to be honest. If it was a blogger, a promoter or a fan, I wouldn’t even care. But you invited us to your personal space, so that you can open your mouth and the next thing you try to do is justify it and say you are not sorry,” said Nadia.

The Radio Love singer went on to say that she and Arrow Bwoy had gone through a lot and chose to keep some things private before she almost broke down. 

Nadia further said Arrow Bwoy was not a confrontational person and for him to respond to the pregnancy claims meant Jalang'o had “touched a live wire that he shouldn’t have.”

Seemingly addressing Jalang’o via his Instagram stories, Arrow Bwoy advised men to mind their business in 2022 and focus on their lives.

“2022 wanaume tupungeze mushene bana. Biashara haikuhusu achana nayo kabisa. Shuglika na Maisha yako,” he wrote.

 Arrow Bwoy.

However, while answering his co-presenter Kameno Goro’s question as to whether he had contacted the singer, Jalang'o said, “I don’t know if he is mad at me or not, he has already called me a gossiper so even if I were to call him what would I say?” 

Adding: “He likened me to women who like to talk about other people’s business. I have seen the story on blogs…To Nadia and Arrow Bwoy...if you think I was out of line then I will say it again…sorry I am not sorry.”

The back and forth between the celebrities began when Jalang’o went on air to hint that Nadia Mukami was pregnant. According to Jalang’o, he spotted the baby bump when Nadia and Arrow Bwoy visited him at his house.

During his radio show, Jalang'o said: “She should stop hiding the baby bump with big sweaters, let her show us the pregnancy.”

“You know they (Nadia and Arrow Bwoy) visited me at home and see I am telling you. It’s true! I think they want to do a baby bump shoot,” he said. 

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