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Atheists in Kenya rally for financial stability with smaller families

 The President of Atheists in Kenya, Harrison Mumia. 

The President of Atheists in Kenya, Harrison Mumia, has urged individuals with limited incomes to contemplate having smaller families with a maximum of two children. 

In a statement released on Friday, November 10, Mumia highlighted the growing challenges faced by many households in meeting their basic needs, underscoring the financial strain caused by the escalating cost of living.

Mumia expressed concern about the continuous rise in the cost of living in Kenya over recent years, putting immense pressure on people's financial situations. 

He referenced the Kenya Economic Report 2023, revealing that a substantial 77 percent of workers earn below the minimum wage, covering only about half of the essential living expenses.

Given these economic adversities, the Atheists in Kenya Society is advocating for smaller families as a pathway to attain better financial stability. 

Mumia stressed the benefits of smaller families, saying their increased financial stability owing to reduced expenses and shared resources. 

He conveyed a crucial message to Kenyans, particularly women, stating that having children should not be a priority if one lacks the means to support them.

Additionally, Mumia encouraged those who have the financial capacity to consider adoption as an alternative to having biological children. 

He portrayed adoption as a compassionate solution that offers an opportunity to provide a caring home for children in need.

"We also encourage those who can afford it to consider adopting children. Adoption should be seen as a viable alternative to having biological children. We commend the individuals, especially women, who have chosen to remain child-free," Mumia said.

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