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Pastor Ng'ang'a warns married women against joining Facebook

 Pastor James Ng'ang'a [File, Standard]

Neno Evangelism Centre founder Pastor James Ng'ang'a is no stranger to controversy and this week, a viral clip of him discouraging married women from joining Facebook surfaced.

While addressing a congregation, the preacher said such women should only join the platform if they are preaching God's word or running a business.

He discouraged women from 'parading' themselves online as it would lead to the demise of their husbands.

"Please do not join Facebook if you are someone's wife unless you are preaching or doing business...married women are the ones leading to the deaths of their husbands.

"When a man lustfully looks at a woman he has already slept with her so if you dress provocatively and 1000 men desire to sleep with you...your spirit will be depleted," he said.

Ng'ang'a addressed spiritual ties saying that is how the devil is operating during these times.

This comes just over a fortnight after another video of the preacher castigating a congregant went viral.

In the video, Ng'ang'a said he had been asked to pray for the family of a congregant who had offered a tithe of Sh500.

The preacher lamented that the amount was too little to pray for multiple people, adding that it was not enough to even fuel his car.

"Na mwingine jana alinipatia mia tano akaniambia nikumbuke watoto wake, Nikumbuke wajukuu wake, mia tano?" he asked.

"Honestly how do you expect me to perform a miracle with 500. Nitawakumbuka namna gani sasa? Mia tano? Hakuna mafua ya gari ya mia tano. Io ni ibada gani? watu wa pikipiki. Io ni ibada gani sasa? Infact that five hundred fanya na waganga wa Nairobi" he said.

Avoid come-we-stay relationship

Ng'ang'a recently hit out at men in come-we-stay unions saying some of them are built on quicksand since no due process is followed.

The vocal preacher said such arrangements are often doomed from the start and can bring forth wayward children.

"Kama ni ndoa mnachukua wasichana wa watu...mnazaa tu vituko. Hamtaki kutoa mahari ya huyo msichana na mnakuja kusema Bwana asifiwe. Asifiwe na nani? You are just a liar. Ndani wewe ni gunia. Msichana ametoroka shule wewe nawe umetoroka kwenu...sasa angalia vile kumeharibika. Kwa sababu ata wazazi wenyewe hawafanyi ibada," he said.

(Some of you are eloping with people's daughters and making children. You do not want to follow due process and pay dowry. You are a bunch of liars. In some situations, the girl has run away from school and you've also abandoned your parents. That is why society has so many misfits.)

In recent months, the preacher has encouraged people to get married and at one point told his congregants that no one is meant to live in solitude.

"Unaenda kukaa kwa nyumba pekee yako kama wazimu?" he asked.

He recalled how some church leaders castigated him for marrying a woman who was way younger than him but he was undeterred.

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