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Sabina Chege reunites with 'Tausi' cast in trip down memory lane

 Sabina Chege poses with 'Tausi' cast. [Facebook]

In the mid-90s, when owning a TV set was a rare privilege, the local series "Tausi," created by the late Kibwana Onguso and Ashina Kibibi, held a special place in the hearts of viewers.

Those were the days when you couldn't simply rewind a livestream on YouTube to catch your favourite show, and the only TV stations that graced our screens were KBC and KTN.

Every evening, just after the 7 pm news bulletin, families across Kenya would gather around their television sets, eagerly anticipating the latest episode of "Tausi."

Fundi Konde's classic "Tausi Ndege Wangu" served as the show's enchanting theme song, and it was a command to silence the room immediately, ensuring no one missed out on the juiciest parts of the program.

At the centre of it all was Mzee Kasri, a staunch Muslim, with his two daughters; the outspoken Rukia and the more laid-back Rehema, played by Sabina Chege.

Over two decades later, Sabina Chege reunited with some of the cast members for a trip down memory lane. Dama, Eboso, Mponda, and Peris Wambui joined her as they fondly remembered Onguso, who sadly passed away last month.

In an earlier interview with the Nation, Onguso shared the inspiration behind the show and why they felt it was essential to shed light on the dynamics within a typical Kenyan household.

From sibling rivalries to family conflicts, patriarchy, and even hints of witchcraft, "Tausi" captured the essence of daily life.

As Onguso put it, "We wanted to bring the everyday events to the screen, and perhaps that's why 'Tausi' resonated with viewers; it depicted the things that occupy our daily lives - religion, love, loss, money. Authenticity is what people look for."


The show featured other beloved characters like Baraza (Ken Ambani), Karumanzira (John Lang'at), and the late Master Sugu (Derrick Amunga).

Lindi, played by Morrine Otiya, was a darling to fans of the show. Naïve and innocent, her portrayal was so compelling that viewers empathized with her plight, hoping that she'd receive better treatment as an orphan left in the care of her aunt, Rhoda.

Although over two decades have passed since "Tausi" graced our screens, both in coloured and black-and-white versions, those who grew up in the '90s still look at the grainy clips on Facebook with nostalgia, cherishing the good old days when the show brought the essence of Kenyan family life to television screens, and it continues to hold a special place in their hearts.

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