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Amber Ray: I did not pass KCSE but I am street smart

 Amber Ray [Instagram]

Social media influencer Amber Ray on Monday spoke about her upbringing and life in school, narrating the difficulties she went through as a young girl.

Speaking on Obinna’s show, Amber said she was born in Machakos before her parents moved to Makindu and later Kayande slums in Nairobi.

She completed her primary school at a school in Industrial Area and proceeded to high school, although she admitted she was not the most gifted academically.

“I went to three different high schools. I have always been a free bird and it was not easy for my parents to accept me the way I was.

“I was expelled from Kinyui Girls in form one then I went to a school in Kayole but my dad decided to transfer me to another school in Matuu,” she said.

Adding: “The truth is I failed. Sipendi vitabu vile but I am street-smart.”

Amber also divulged that she never went to college and partly attributed it to her dad being laid off when she was halfway through her high school education.

Making ends meet

Having finished school with nowhere to go, Amber had to look for alternative means to survive and tried her hand at various odd jobs.

She said she sold cereals, milk and matumbo (tripes), while she was pregnant with her firstborn son Gavin.

“I started hustling early because Gavin’s father was still living with his parents and I wanted us to start from scratch.

“He (Gavin’s dad) was working as a garbage collector and I used to do his laundry. Gavin was born in Kahawa West but I parted ways with his dad because of physical abuse,” she said.

 Amber Ray and her son Gavin [Instagram]

Single mother

Amber said she never imagined life as a single mum, having come from a stable home but here she was, a young mother of one, trying to find her feet.

She got a job at a top restaurant in the city but left because she was stressed about what was going on in her life.

By then, video vixens were gaining popularity in the country and Amber decided to try her hand at it.

“I did not appear in many videos because I was expensive…that’s where I met my first ex, the politician. He was Prezzo’s friend and that is how we met.

“After some time we broke up and that was when I stayed single for almost three years. I rarely stay single for long. I felt damaged and I did not want to transfer that energy to anyone,” she said.

Asked how she survived during that period, Amber said she did not have a job but never lacked.

“I have never sold my body for money…I have dated married people and they claimed me in public [sic]…na wako na pesa.

“I did not know the first one (politician) was married…he used to go with me everywhere and he never wore a ring. The second one (Jimal) told me he was going through a divorce,” she said.

Amber admitted that looking back she feels she wronged Amira but said if she knew they (Jimal and Amira) were married, she would not have interfered with their union.

She, however, said Amira should have approached her differently instead of parading her on social media.

Who bought the Jeep?

Amber also talked about the famous Jeep she drives, saying she bought it herself as her business was doing well at the time.

“I bought the Jeep. The only thing this guy (Jimal) did for me was to get a number plate and I wanted a KDA…I was so stupid I did not even realise about the 010.

“Nimenunuliwa magari nyingi but zilichukuliwa. I will never accept anything from a man again if it is not registered under my name. Nimezimiwa gari mara kadhaa…First was Prado then an Evogue. After that I used taxis for three years,” she said.

 Amber Ray and Ken Rapudo [Instagram]

Amber, who is currently married to businessman Ken Rapudo, stressed that she cannot date a poor man because she has her own money.

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