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YouTube may soon let you find a song by humming its tune

 YouTube is testing a new humming feature

Ever had a song stuck in your head, but you couldn't remember the name or artist? Well, YouTube is here to help. The video-sharing platform is testing a new feature that lets users search for songs by humming them.

The new song search feature is currently being tested with a small group of users in the United States, but it could be rolled out to everyone in the coming weeks or months.

To use the feature, open the YouTube app on your Android device and tap on the microphone icon in the search bar. Start humming the song you're looking for.

YouTube will listen to your humming and try to identify the song. If it's successful, it will show you a list of results, including the official music video, user-generated content, and Shorts featuring the song.

The new song search feature is powered by Google's machine learning technology, which can identify songs even if you're not humming perfectly.

The feature also works with both English and non-English songs. In fact, YouTube says that it can identify songs in over 100 languages.

In addition to being able to identify songs that are already playing, the new song search feature can also be used to find songs that are similar to the one you're humming.

This can be helpful if you know the melody of a song, but you don't know the name or artist.

The new song search feature is a fun and innovative way to find songs. It's also a helpful tool for people who are hard of hearing or who have difficulty remembering song titles.

If you're an Android user, keep an eye out for the new song search feature and let us know what you think!

Here are some fun facts about the new song search feature:

The feature is still under development, but it has been able to identify songs with over 90% accuracy. The feature works with both English and non-English songs, including songs in over 100 languages. The feature can even identify songs that are playing in the background. So next time you have a song stuck in your head, don't waste time trying to remember the name or artist. Just open YouTube and hum the song! The feature requires you to hum for at least three seconds in order to identify the song. The feature is not currently available on iOS devices.

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