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Local celebrities whose diehard fans have their names, faces tattooed on them

 A collage of Phoina, Otile Brown, Sonko, and Diana Marua.

Imagine an individual who has never crossed paths with you or engaged with you, yet goes to the extraordinary lengths of imprinting your face and name onto their skin as a profound expression of their affection for you, their cherished superstar.

This very scenario has materialized for some of our renowned personalities, where their most devoted enthusiasts have taken this extreme step to showcase their adoration, despite potential perceptions of the intensity of such devotion.

This inclination has evolved into a prevailing trend that shows no signs of waning, as an increasing number of fans adopt tattoos as an emblem of their unwavering allegiance to their beloved celebrities.

In a recent instance, Phoina, a prominent beauty guru and entrepreneur, was taken aback by a fervent admirer who had inscribed her name on her back.

Phoina took to her social media to show a video of the intricate tattoo, prompting her to question the depths of affection her fans have delved into, to contemplate etching both her names onto their own bodies.

"Good morning to Lilianrain16 only. What do we call this stage when someone tattoos both your names?" she asked.

 A fan tattooed Phoina's name on her back.


Not too long ago, a diehard fan of Mike Sonko tattooed his face on her thighs to show her love and appreciation for the ex-Nairobi Governor. Although the businessman is yet to acknowledge the tattoo, the unnamed fan maintains she got the tattoo out of her undying love for Sonko.

Otile Brown

Sometime in May, singer Otile Brown offered to treat one of his fans to a coffee date for getting a tattoo of his name across her chest. The lady by the name Kach Girl caught the attention of the singer after she opened up on the backlash she faced after tattooing Otile's name. "I was told Otile wouldn't look for me, and I was wasting my time," she said during a previous interview.

"Don't mind them. You are amazing, and I appreciate the love. Kienyeji hukua yenyewe. I will take you out for coffee when I return from my trip to London inshallah. Thank you." Responded Otile.

True to his words, the Chaguo la Moyo treated Kach Girl to a spa date before meeting for coffee.

 Kach Girl tattooed Otile's name on her chest.

Diana Marua

Content creator Diana Marua too has experienced something similar.

A diehard by the name Rose Waithira got the YouTuber's face on her back explaining that Diana always got her back and that is why she got the tattoo, going further to describe her as one of her favourite humans.

"I'm speechless1 @rosewaithira allow me to breathe first," Diana wrote.

 Rose Waithira showing off a tattoo of Diana Marua's face on her back [PHOTO/@rosewaithira2021/Instagram]


A social media user by the name Ciem Guru professed his love to YouTuber Keranta by getting a tattoo of her face on his chest in a failed attempt to win her over. In his explanation, the position of the tattoo on his chest was strategic so that Keranta is always close to his heart.

"I wanted it to balance on my chest well, just above my heart. I really insisted on the position because of my love for her. Next to it is a butterfly. She too has a tattoo of butterflies on her chest and she told me it's because she loves to fly," he said.

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