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The Aluta wave: Party never stops

 DJs Spapa and Brown Girl Nessa during a past event at Loft Lounge. [Samson Wire. Standard].

Aluta has taken Nairobi by storm, transforming not only the nightlife but also the business models of clubs. Gone are the days of early morning club closures; instead, a shift has occurred, allowing the party to continue throughout the day. 

Coined from the slang phrase 'Kupiga ALuta', which means the party continues, this wave enables revellers to enjoy themselves from dawn to dusk.

Clubs have opened up options for partygoers seeking an extraordinary experience. Here are some of the clubs that are at the forefront of this revolution;

MohSpice Entertainment All Stars: Quiver Aluta Sundays at Aluta Gardens

MohSpice Entertainment All Stars has achieved legendary status. Led by Ruffest DJ Moh and a team of DJs, MohSpice All Stars deliver an electrifying party experience from early morning till late at night. To keep the crowd energised, they offer complimentary breakfast at 6am and lunch at 11am.

The star-studded lineup includes dancehall maestro ZJ Heno, DJ Natty Bwoy, DJ Leather, Roy Teeboy, DJ Kaytrixx, DJ Phillz, DJ Mash 254, DJ Crème Dela Crème and Kingsley.

"We are all about non-stop energy and keeping the party going from morning till late. We are here to deliver an electrifying experience that will leave you craving more music and that is why we have invited our friends (other DJs) to elevate the experience,” says DJ Moh.

Dohty Family: Sundays Aluta at Casavera Lounge

Dohty Family leads this relatively new Aluta gathering hosted by the charismatic Barakeilla. Dohty Family Sundays kick off at 5.30 am.

DJs such as DJ Tosh, DJ Kunte, DJ Khaks, DJ Ramosh, DJ Cessy, Selector Telli Ranks, Natty Jimh and talented female DJ Crystal provide an exhilarating reggae experience.

Emcees Munga, Japollo and Denno entertain the crowd with banter and sing-alongs, creating an electric atmosphere. With a blend of roots Reggae and Dancehall, Dohty Family Sundays offer a memorable party experience with selected drink offers.

"Dohty Family brings a whole new level of competition to the Aluta scene. We are all about delivering the best Reggae experience with Kriss and the Dohty family's top DJs,” says Barakeilla.

Mbogi Nare Entertainment: Aluta Kibrit at Kifaru Lounge

Mbogi Nare Entertainment, led by CEO Zendiambo (Mc Cure), has played a significant role in fueling the Aluta culture in Kenya. They initiated the wave at Kifaru Lounge along Mombasa Road.

Mbogi Nare Entertainment has demystified the Reggae crowd, dispelling stereotypes and capturing the attention of audiences through viral TikTok videos and sound bites.

Popular phrases associated with Mbogi Nare Entertainment include #Mnaree, #Uagaverybad, and #KufinishKumalo. They have also introduced trendy dance styles like Mucera dance, Shakahola dance and the now-popular Stanama dance.

Notable DJs such as Selector Reid, TikTok sensation DJ Rambo, Mcheda Binghi, Selector Rash, Ebony Selekta and DJ Miatan thrill the excited crowd with their incredible skills. MC Curedeh (Ze Ndiambo) engages the audience with his sweet banter and refixes, while MC Nesta adds to the hype with his Reggae prowess on the mic.

Mbogi Nare CEO told Pulse that they have transformed the culture by creating a safe space for people to "come to enjoy Reggae music here. We are bringing you an authentic experience with viral dance styles, top-notch Reggae DJs, and a vibe you won't find anywhere else.”

Aluta Masters: Karibu Jua at Clarett Lounge

Clarett Lounge, located in Thome, Nairobi, has become synonymous with the Aluta wave.

Orchestrated by Selector Kayanga and his team of musical heads, Clarett has established itself as the ultimate destination for an unforgettable Aluta experience. The Aluta wave, also known as Karibu Jua, has garnered a dedicated following.

Claretts Sunday Aluta rose to prominence following a split from Kifaru Lounge, with some DJs branching off to ignite the blazing Karibu Jua Aluta.

The club hosts some of the biggest names in the Reggae scene, and emerging talents eager to bring a fresh style to Reggae music.

DJs Juranka (Wamtelezz), Mras Nesta (Bonyoo), Gostow Dubstar, Baugallis, and Shiqx create an incredible ambience in the booth.

Aluta Sunday Service: Loft Lounge

No discussion of the Aluta wave would be complete without mentioning the Aluta Sunday Service at Loft Lounge. Situated at Thome Road, off Thika Road, Loft Lounge has become an Aluta haven, gaining popularity as one of Kenya's finest party hubs.

Loft Lounge was among the first establishments to embrace and sell the Aluta culture to a more suburban and sophisticated crowd.

Led by the musical genius and radio host DJ Double Trouble, the Aluta Sunday Service features a lineup of prominent DJs who deliver exceptional performances.

 Vybez Radio brand ambassadors dance during an event at Loft Lounge in 2022. [Samson Wire, Standard]

DJs DJ Kang Kang, Vybrant, Kibe, Drownskin (Fulu Fulu), Chacha, Kadamawe Roots, and Vwal create an electrifying atmosphere while performing artistes like Fathermoh, Ngesh wa Vasa (Kaveve kazoze), Genge Icon Mejja, and Khaligraph Jones grace the stage with their high-energy performances.

The Aluta Sunday Service offers free soup at 6am to energise the congregation; delicious bites like mutura and roasted meat are available from 5am.

DJ Double Trouble, the host is excited about the service. “The Aluta Sunday Service is not just a party; it's a spiritual experience. We are here to elevate your Sundays.”

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