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Arama broke all gun safety rules in Nakuru drama, expert says

Nakuru Town West Mp Samuel Arama draws his gun after being confronted by demonstrators at Industrial Area in Nakuru City on July 19,2023 .Kipsang Joseph, Standard]
 Nakuru Town West Mp Samuel Arama draws his gun after being confronted by demonstrators at Industrial Area in Nakuru City. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

Nakuru Town MP Samuel Arama, on Wednesday, got the attention of many when he drew his gun to scare away anti-government protesters in Nakuru town.

The MP said he did so to protect businesses from being raided by the protesters as has been the case in past mass protests.

However, Arama’s actions brought to question his gun handling etiquette as many, including the former National Gun Owners Association Anthony Wahome Kamunyi, felt the MP broke the rules and posed a danger to those around him during the incident.

Arama was criticized for the manner he handled the weapon during the anti-government protests.

Arama’s critics felt he did wrong to brandish his firearm while in the middle of a crowd.

“The MP was also a threat to himself. To say the least, he broke almost all gun safety rules,” Kamunyi said.

Speaking to The Standard, Kamunyi who is also ballistics expert, said Arama’s gun-handling etiquette was a far-off cry from what it should be.

“From his demeanour to the way he handled the firearm, it is obvious that Mr Arama has no basic gun handling etiquette as far as safety is concerned,” he said.

He added: “By handling the gun with his finger on the trigger, Arama was a danger to himself and those around him as that could easily result in an accidental discharge.”

Wahome said Arama was not in any danger to warrant the unnecessary display of his firearm.

“He exercised no situational awareness in handling his firearm while at the same time handling his phone. He shows no basic skills in handling and using a gun,” said Wahome.

He added: “I would recommend that the Firearms Licensing Board urgently considers making it mandatory for all civilian gun holders to attend proficiency testing annually as provided for in the Firearms Act, Cap 114 LoK. Otherwise, the board risks being enjoined in suits of misuse of firearms by licensed civilians for not ensuring their proficiency as by law provided.”

Basic gun handling rules require that one keeps their firearm pointed in a safe direction. Never point your gun at anything you do not intend to destroy, the rule says.

Gun holders are advised to treat all firearms as though they are loaded, in addition to keeping one’s finger off the trigger until they are ready to shoot.

Always be sure of your target and what's beyond it before pulling the trigger, the rules say.

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