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We couldn't afford Sh500 rent: King Kaka celebrates building his mum a house

 King Kaka has built a house for his mum.

Kenyan rapper Kennedy Ombima aka King Kaka is over the moon after successfully constructing a house for his mother.

Taking to social media, King Kaka recalled their humble beginnings when they could not raise Sh500 rent and how he promised to make things better in future.

“One day I came home from school and Kanjo had placed a very big padlock coz we couldn’t afford to pay Kshs 500 rent, I promised my mom that in the future I’ll buy her a house.

“Fast forward 4days ago we just prayed in the living room of this house that I build for her. The sounds of a testimony and I am happy that she has a place she can call home,” he wrote.

Further, King Kaka was thankful to his mum for putting on a brave face when things were not okay.

A number of Kenyan celebrities have built houses for their parents including YY and Jalang’o.

In 2021, YY shared his excitement on Instagram when he posted a photo of the house captioned “No long post alert…Nakupenda mama yangu.”

 A collage of YY's mother and her new house.

Jalang’o, on his part, once revealed that he was warned against building his mother a house.

Addressing Alex Mwakideu, Jalang’o narrated that after his father passed away, he decided to build his mother a house but was told it was against Luo traditions.

Jalang’o explained that according to the Luo, it was taboo for him to build her house and flouting the norms meant courting death.

The only remedy, he said, was for his mother to marry another man before moving to the house.

The funny bone, however, shrugged the demands aside and went ahead.

Mwakideu mimi naweza kwambia hakuna kitu kama uganga. Hakuna kitu kama hiyo. Sijawahi amini kwa sababu unajua kuna zile tamaduni za ndani kabisa ambazo watu wanakuambia hii haiwezi fanyika kabla hii ifanyike. Kama wajaluo tuko na utamaduni mwingi sana ya kwanza ilikuwa siwezi mjengea mamangu nyumba.

“Nikawaambia kama Mungu ambaye namatumikia ataniua kwa sababu nimemjengea mamangu nyumba, wacha nife. Mpaka sahii nangoja kufa kwa sababu nimemjengea mamangu nyumba.”


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