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Corazon Kwamboka opens up on her depression state

 “Just seen this story and it really hit home. Recently I went through a traumatic experience that saw me in hospital for a couple of days," Corazon said [Courtesy]

The popular social media personality Corazon Kwamboka has come out to speak about her struggle with depression, revealing that she was recently hospitalized due to her current health concerns.

Taking to her Instagram account on Monday afternoon, Kwamboka shared a local news story that told the tragic tale of a promising businessman whose life was cut short by suicide.

“Just seen this story and it really hit home. Recently I went through a traumatic experience that saw me in hospital for a couple of days. This matter that was meant to be private somehow found its way into the blogs,” she wrote.

“I’m glad it did because now I can be open and talk about it, maybe even get more people like me to seek help.”

The High Court of Kenya Advocate turned socialite went on to highlight the lack of mental health awareness in Kenya, urging everyone to educate themselves about the crucial matter.

“Would you laugh at someone who’s suffering from Malaria or cancer? Would you tell them man up? Why then is it that depression taken as such a joke. What is so funny about someone going through it,” Kwamboka posed, revealing that seeing recent comments had brought her the realization that many Kenyans take the illness lightly.

The mother of two reminded her followers that anyone can go through depression, whether wealthy, beautiful or educated.

“It’s about time we spot this gossip and immaturity and take mental health seriously. When someone tell you they’re going through something stop automatically assuming they want sympathy or attention. Listen to them, take it seriously, you may just save a life,” Kwamboka wrote on the lengthy caption.

She revealed that she is currently getting professional help and is faring on well.

“I’m here to tell you that depression is not a joke and it’s not the same as feeling sad. It’s literally something that affects your brain, stops you from seeing any good in your life. And if you’re depressed please seek help. DON’T GIVE UP.”

The socialite revealed that she was grappling with her mental health last week, saying that she was going through a difficult time in her life.

“Yes, I have struggles with depression. What I am going through is not easy and I am not the only one who has gone through it. One day when I heal I’ll address just to encourage and give strength to another woman who feels how I feel,” she wrote.

It has not been the rosiest couple of months for Kwamboka, as she confirmed having broken up with the father of her children, popular fitness trainer Frankie “Just Gym It” Kiarie just last month.

The break up happened only months after the former couple welcomed their second child together.

Kwamboka’s post has been met by support from her fans, who have rallied around her virtually.

“Same here. It’s real and all some people tell you is you are strong! I personally hate this phrase!” wrote one Riz Bettie.

“Thanks for opening up. Some of us may be suffering in silence. It takes courage to speak up,” wrote Jedidah Odongo, while many others sent their good wishes.

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