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Kumuok- Most popular Sheng words 2020 and their meanings

 Sheng is gradually taking over and its usage rampantly accepted not only the young but also older generation and corporate world.

The Kenyan sheng culture is dynamic; it changes into new forms with time. They say slang is the language of the youth; it speaks for them, through them and they use it to hide meanings of words. Sheng has been adapted and embraced by pop culture, hence the instant rise of the Gengetone genre. Gengetone brought new and fresh young artists who came with new Sheng phrases. The genre caused a Sheng revolution, something that had not happened since back in the day when Genge -with artists such as Juacali, Jimwat and Nonini- was the main ‘Sheng genre’.

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Musicians such as Ethic Entertainment Mbogi Genje, Wakadinali, Khaligraph Jones and Chris Kaiga are at the frontline of leading the Sheng revolution through their lyrics. Even though people regard Sheng as an unofficial way of communication, the language is gradually taking over and its usage rampantly accepted not only the young but also older generation and corporate world. Check out some of 2020’s Sheng words:

Kumuok – Coming

Warazi – Enemies

Arif/Fafiri – Friend

Kitu Peng’ – Beautiful girl

Mrenga / Mbathi – Car

Kanairo – Nairobi

Njege/Sanse – Police

Mbwegze – Two

Mashashola – Weed / Cannabis

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Kuwamocho – Drinkng

Wolan/Wagwan – Yes/Ok

Madenge – Girls

Kushikisha – Chewing Miraa

Niko wire – I’m broke

Nauwo – Understand / Know

Niko machingli – I’m rich

Kuwa mawenge – Being horny

Mochoka – Come

Buda / Mzing – Father

Mongre – Brain

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Wabbling – Water

Medi – Meditate

Kubuya – Being afraid

Zimenice – Feeling high

Zabe – Chill out place / Base

Rende / Mbogi – Crew

Senke  – Boda Boda

Bien – Ok

Miyo – Kayole area

Mtaratara- Bring to par

M-Chwa / M-Sape – M-Pesa

Piga mosheti- Cut with a sharp object.

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