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Jimmy Gait explains music hiatus, qualities he’s looking for in a wife

 Jimmy Gait admitted to wanting to settle down and start a family soon. Photo: Courtesy.

Gospel singer Jimmy Gait has been missing in the music scene for a while now and his fans were worried. Explaining why he took a step back from releasing music, the Muhadhara singer said that he has been making music which he’ll release back to back when the time is right. The singer, however, said that music is currently not his top priority as it’s not a stable source of income.

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“I didn’t stop singing. I am always recording but I figured I needed to stabilize my life in terms of my future because music is not necessarily futuristic. A time will come I won’t be singing anymore so the question is what is going to happen to my family, what is going to happen to my kids?  With music, as long as you are on top you are always going to be making money, when you stop singing then you don’t get the shows, you don’t get the downloads. So does this mean I have to keep singing all my life?” he posed

Jimmy Gait listed real estate, sales and marketing as his alternatives income sources saying, “I do a couple of things. I have an advertising firm, so we advertise, we do commercials, jingles, all that. I’m also into sales and marketing. That is actually the other side of me that people don’t know. I train salespeople. In some of these real estate companies I train a lot of their salespeople and that a passion I have, I’m a salesperson, I know how to sell. I’m also into real estate.  That is why I decided to create a system that can help me generate money even without me being there. And also that is why I decided to go slow on the music but I did not stop singing,” said Jimmy Gait.

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Settling down

Jimmy Gait admitted to wanting to settle down and start a family soon. In the interview, the singer listed qualities he’s looking  for in a partner.

“I am still single. I was in a relationship but we broke up. I really want to get married by the way. The more you tell people what you are looking for they will start putting on those qualities like clothes. When you get serious with them they remove them so I prefer just feeling it. When you get what you want, you’ll know. I know the kind of woman I am looking for. I really admire an intelligent woman, I don’t like jumpy women. I like quiet classy sophisticated women. Of course she has to be born again, it’s important for me,” he added.  

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