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Steven Kanumba beatings changed my life- Actress Elizabeth ‘Lulu’ Michael

 Lulu was convicted of murder over the death of Steven Kanumba.

As debate still rages in Tanzania over Bongo movies actress Zuwena ‘Shilole’ Mohammed’s revelation that she was in a violent marriage with husband Ashraf Uchebe, Elizabeth ‘Lulu’ Michael has spoken on how life changed as a result of physical assault by deceased actor Steven Kanumba. The actress shared an Instagram video narrating how alleged beatings from her then-lover Kanumba eventually led to her imprisonment.

“You might be forgetting that domestic violence is what landed me in jail; the confrontations led to a big mistake which changed my life in seconds. I can’t tolerate a violent relationship because I know the effects. Even if I was dating Bill Gates, I wouldn’t stand violence from him,” she said.

Refutes boyfriend is violent

Lulu has also dismissed rumours that her current boyfriend of five years DJ Majizzo is violent saying: “I don’t know how and who started those rumours. I have never experienced gender-based violence from my boyfriend. I previously opted not to respond to the rumours so as not to give them validity. However, after three years, the rumour persisted and I opted to speak about it because it’s a serious allegation. People are claiming that I’m persevering because of money, yes he has money but can’t make me condone violence.”

Kanumba’s death

Kanumba’s death occurred on April 7, 2012, at his home in Dar es Salam following a domestic dispute with Lulu. She confessed to quarrelling with him but denied causing his fatal fall. The court found Lulu guilty of murder after it was determined that she was the last person to leave the deceased’s house and she was sentenced to two years in prison.

Release, forgiveness from Kanumba’s mother

Kanumba’s mother was incensed after Lulu’s release from prison in May 2018 after serving just seven months in prison. The court commuted the sentence to community service. The move did not augur well with Kanumba’s mother Flora Mtegoa who said Lulu should have been locked up for at least a year before release. However, Kanumba’s mother later said she’d forgiven Lulu and would even attend her wedding if invited.

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 Lulu with Kanumba's mother.

Charles Kanumba’s death

 The late Charles Kanumba.

On March 8 2020, the famed Bongo actor’s father Charles Kanumba passed away after a long illness. Kanumba was suffering from high blood pressure and had a persistent knee problem sustained from road accidents in 2002 and 2015. Before his passing, he’d appealed for help from President Magufuli and the Tanzanian people to settle his medical costs. Reacting to news of his passing, his estranged wife Flora Mutegoa said that she’d forgiven him for past mistakes and would even attend the funeral, should well-wishers help her in raising the fare.

Before his death, the senior Kanumba had urged Lulu to visit the late actor’s grave saying: “Kanumba’s grandfather appeared to me instructing Lulu to fulfil traditions which I had informed her about. She should go clean Kanumba’s grave and pray for his soul. Only then will Kanumba’s shadow leave her.”

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