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Did Tanasha Donna, Diamond copy- paste ‘Gere’ concept?

 Tanasha and Diamond [Photo: Instagram @tanashadonna]

Just days after the hyped release of Tanasha Donna’s Gere music video, the track has sparked controversy.

The song, which was hailed for having a creative video was revealed to be strikingly similar to one by a famous Brazilian artiste known as Iza, real name Isabela Lima.

In an Instagram post, the celebrated artiste who sings in Portuguese called out the couple light-heartedly, suggesting that the Baba Lao singer and the mother of his child had “copy- pasted” her video.

“Diamond Platnumz: Friend, can I copy your work? Me: Okay, just don’t do the same thing. Diamond Platnumz: ctrl+c/ ctrl +v,” wrote the singer under a snippet of the couple’s video.

She then takes the opportunity to call it a throwback Thursday, and her fans have a field- day in the comments, with most having mixed reactions.

Tanasha’s latest video has now garnered a whopping 3.8 million views on YouTube and is regarded as been wildly successful, attaining those views in a matter of days.

A glimpse into YouTube comments will show you that Iza’s Brazilian fan base has been quick to notice the similarities.

“Plagiarism!” wrote one Brazilian viewer.

“Iza posted on insta and I ran to YouTube to see if it's really plagiarism.” Writes another.

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 Tanasha and Diamond [Photo: Instagram @tanashadonna]

Although most of Iza’s fans are not pleased with the similarities, Diamond and Tanasha’s fans are thrilled.

“Brazil is jamming to this song by force. Let them start with complains then love will follow. Smart move Tee and Dee, ” writes a Kenyan viewer.

“I have a feeling this was done on purpose to raise all this hullabaloo! And we have all dived right into it!” writes another.”

As the fans note, a real possibility is that the similarities between the two videos were planned and strategic.

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Since celebrities plan their every move, many details that went into the release of the video seemed intentional. The video was released in Diamond’s YouTube channel which has 3.1 million subscribers compared to his girlfriend’s much less 108,000.

It is also not the first time for Diamond to be involved in such an incident, as he has previously been accused of copying several video concepts, including those from See You Again by Tyler the creator in his video Tetema.

 A thorough look through the video shows that the East African artistes used two scenes that were nearly identical to the Brazilian singer’s.

In one, Tanasha dances in a make-shift green and red structure with her dancers, dressed in reggae- colours. The setting, décor and outfits are exactly the same as the opening scene on Iza’s video. However, the choreography is different.

In another contested scene, Simba and his lady dance in front of a grass-thatched structure by the beach. In it, only the set was copied.

Iza’s video, which has an impressive 84 million views is a dance-focused performance which had the producers prioritizing choreography in the planning of the sets. The talented artist performs with professional precision and matching outfits all through.

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