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Five essential types of shoes every man should have in his closet


Have you ever been invited to join your bros in the club or an evening party? You get excited about it, you get ready, dress up (a task that is usually very simple and quick for us men), however, just as you are about to step out of your house, you check out your shoe rack and there it is. The puzzle of the day. What shoes should you have on?

It does not sound like much of an issue but in actual sense it is. If you put on the wrong shoes you'll definitely throw off your look. At some point, the shoes you plan to wear dictate the rest of your outfit.

So as to avoid this puzzling moment, I give you a list of shoe types you should have on your shoe rack to be ready for any event or outfit you plan to stand out in.

1. Street sneakers

Just what you've been waiting for. An all-casual finalizer with the level of comfort to match, this shoe type is the kind that you will always feel good in. With the right size, it completes your daily need for comfortable, modern, edgy and distinctly fashionable shoes. It goes perfectly with a fitting pair of jeans and a statement T-shirt for your torso. On a sunny day, put on a baseball cap matching your sneakers and that's all you need to appear on the cover of a fashion magazine.

These shoes are perfect for day to day wear, parties and hangouts with friends.

2. Leather dress shoes

A gentleman knows that there are those moments when you have to impress your boss. These shoes are a requirement for any official environment. Be it a business meeting or a usual office day, putting these shoes on with an official outfit covers your need to pass a serious statement, of course with a little flair of style.

3. Loafers

Loafers are a common shoe type since they are not restricted to a certain setting. You can have them on for an official event and they still work perfectly on a casual look. The best way to pull off leather loafers is by putting on a blazer that compliments the shoes colour. 

Loafers are available in a variety of fabric and colour thus their flexibility in fashion. This is a "pull it off" shoe type, an essential for your footwear collection.

4. Boots

You just can't complete a shoe collection without throwing in these tough terrain tacklers. Boots are the go-to shoes for any man with a sense of style. Ranging from work boots, stylistic boots and also a huge variety of material, sizes and colour. You can't lack a pair that fits perfectly.

Boots are that last piece of the puzzle with its bold and edgy look that presents the masculinity level of a man.

5. Slipper shoes

Mostly super fashionable, these shoes are a great choice for a night out, a fashion event or even a simple get-together with friends.

They come in a variety of stylistic and super casual options. They are easy to put on, very light and most importantly they are comfortable. Slip-ons as they are sometimes referred to are available in an infinite variety of fabric and colour. They are even available in locally acquired fabric, the African print (Ankara), a great choice for appropriation of culture into your outfit. 

Which ones are your favorite?

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