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Five secret reasons why ladies are ditching ‘tall, dark and handsome’ men for short ones


A few years ago, every lady dreamt and hoped that one day she would end up marrying a tall, dark and handsome man. This was because tall men are considered successful and better leaders.

The narrative is, however, changing with most ladies now shifting from tall to short men. The short guys have turned the tables in the favor, they are now winning more than ever.

Here are some of the reasons why women prefer dating shorter men:

They can share clothes: A study revealed that most ladies prefer dating shorter men because they could easily fit into their t-shirts and sweatshirts. In the findings, the respondents noted that tall people have unique clothe sizes which cannot fit them.

Hugging is easier: The same study found that ladies preferred shorter men since hugging and holding their hands is easier as compared to the tall ones. Respondents in this category further noted that kissing was also easier as they did not have to tiptoe.

You don’t fight over legroom: According to Healthsite when one is dating shorter men, you don’t have to worry about legroom, being forced to avoid some tables in hotels and avoiding the backseat in matatus.

Short men live longer: A research conducted at the University of Hawaii revealed that short men possess a protective form longevity gene FOXO3 that guarantees a smaller body size and longer lifespan as compared to their tall counterparts. It is for this reason that women are shifting goalposts. Most of them will love to have their men for a longer time.

Lastly and most importantly, it is easier to get intimate with short men. Making-out with tall guys is quite uncomfortable. Tall guys were also found to be limiting and less adventurous. 

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