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Nine clear signs that your partner is suffering from sexual addiction


Relationships face a lot of challenges and identifying some of them can be hard. For a relationship to work, both partners should show equal commitment, interest among other things. When one partner’s interest fades away, the relationship cracks, which is the beginning of the end.

There are many factors that are known to draw a partner’s attention away, most of them being infidelity or interest in the third party. One undermined factor, however, is when the said partner suffers from sexual addiction.?

Sexual addiction is compulsive participation or engagement in sexual activity, particularly sexual intercourse despite negative consequences.

A reasonable number of people in the society have had to deal with sexual addiction at some point in their lives. Women, just like men may find themselves stuck in wanting to engage in unhealthy amounts of sexual activity.

When one suspects their partner of suffering from this state, there are telltale signs that will confirm or counter their worries.

These habits are common in people suffering from sexual addiction;

Sex is their priority

A s*x addict’s mind revolves around one thing, how to get satisfied sexually. This means they will drive all their conversations towards s*x. An addict will always gauge or measure their partner’s worth by how they engage sexually. When their partner is not in the mood for intimacy, an addict will get angry and even threaten to end the relationship.

Serial Daters

It is normal for anyone to date a partner with an ex. But when one’s partner has a series of exes and breakup, it means they don’t last in a relationship. It could be a telltale sign that they don’t find satisfaction in dating one person hence the constant in and out a pattern.


If a partner is flirty and keeps encouraging small talk from members of the opposite sex, it could be a sign that they see every member of that gender as s*x objects. Although they may never cross the line and sleep with the people they flirt with, the constant and easy to note flirting is a cover-up for their state.

Lacks character

It is easy to tell who one’s partner is after spending time with them. If after dating for a while an individual cannot point out who their partner is in terms of personality, behavior and such, it could be a red flag that the partner is a good liar who covers their tracks well.


While some people are expert in telling lies, dating someone exposes them eventually. When a partner hides accounts information, refuses to disclose their work schedules, fails to include their partners in their free time and such, it could be they are lying about something. Most people pass this as infidelity but sexual addiction may make a partner behave this way, in an attempt to keep their loved ones from knowing.

Masturbates alot

When partners get intimate and reach climaxes, it is normal for them to take a break by either sleeping or cuddling or anything else they prefer to. Masturbation, however, is not among the things people do after reaching the big O. If a partner has the habit of self-stimulating themselves right after finishing with their partners, it is an indication they do not get enough.


Partners are brought together by sharing bonds between them which make them connect on many levels. A s*x addict, however, is in a relationship mostly to quench their unending thirst for stimulation. This means one will feel they are not in the same boat with their partners in many things. The only time they relate well is when intimacy is involved. Other than that, they are in a world of their own, one that doesn’t include partners.

Watches a lot of porn

A s*x addict seeks to get more and more access to pornographic material and they have so much of it stored away somewhere. While it is normal for many people to have collections, a partner who values their stash more than anything else and spends almost all their time on it could be a warning bell.

Blames things on childhood and past

Addicts are not proud of who they are. They carry some kind of guilt in their heads all the time and mostly try to justify why they are in that state. A partner who keeps saying how they had a bad childhood, suffered bad parenting or bullying at school all the time may be trying to convince themselves that they are victims of a bad past. 

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