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Camel soup will give you a ‘hump,’ make you a champ in ‘bedminton’

 Peris Njambi outside her camel soup cafe in Limuru [Photo: George Njunge]
Peris Njambi, has hit the jackpot on what some perceive to be a natural libido booster Njambi runs a soup den in Limuru where men of all ages troop to for a mug “I am now a champion in bed, thanks to the maandachu soup,” said one customer

A middle-aged woman in Limuru has discovered a libido booster - camel bones soup!

Peris Njambi, 32, has a soup den in Limuru where men of all ages troop to for a mug of the libido-enhancing soup.

Njambi sources the bones from Eastleigh and at times as far away as Isiolo, where the bones are in abundance.

She then boils them on a jiko and adds some herbs like muringa (moringa oleifera) and black seed sourced from Ndeiya in Limuru.

“Once the muringa and the seeds are added to the soup, it becomes very potent and revitalises a man’s sexual urge in a matter of days,” Njambi said. 

 She added that she did not know that so many men suffer in silence because of low libido. She says her faithful customers are mostly old men, especially those who suffer from diabetes.

People start flocking Njambi’s soup den as early as 9am for the soup which has been nick named maandachu soup.

Maandachu is the code name for a craving for sex in the area. “The demand is so high. I have been forced to double the bones supply and get someone to look for the muringa leaves.The number of customers keep on increasing daily,” Njambi explained.

One of Njambi’s customers, Peter Ndungu, a goat merchant in Limuru, said he learnt of the soup through a friend a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try .

“I am now a champion in bed, thanks to the maandachu soup,” Ndungu said. He has become a loyal customer, as are most of his friends in the goat market.

 “My wife had to ask me what I have been taking after a marathon in the bedroom. We are now very happy and close as a family.

Initially, I had a problem rising to the occasion, but I am now a stallion,” Ndungu revealed and vowed to keep on drinking the soup.

Another customer, Peter Nduati, 55, claimed that the soup has given him a great boost and that he can rival any young man. The soup has now become part of his daily diet.

“My libido had fallen beyond repair since I am also diabetic. But this soup has not only helped in managing the diabetes, but also restored my sex energy,” Nduati revealed.

Njambi says that the idea came to her when her father got very sick after suffering serious bouts of diabetes.

Her Somali friend advised her to boil camel bones. She said the soup was medicinal because camels eat a lot of medicinal herbs in the desert. 

Njambi’s father made a remarkable recovery. She reveals that when she gave her husband the soup, he suddenly became a maestro in bed.

That is how she got the idea to start selling the soup.

“The way things are now, I am sure my husband can leave even three women panting in

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