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Simple gestures couples can do to show love


1. Him unstrapping her bra, not because they are aroused and about to have sex, but to help her undress when she gets home.

2. Waiting for each other to sit during meal time so that you eat together.

3. After a meal, the one who cooked rests, the other washes the dishes.

4. When they walk, him insisting on walking on the side closer to the road to signify he protects her.

5. If they are parents, shielding their arguments and fights from the child/ children. Children should never watch their parents in conflict.

6. If they are parents, discussing issues and directions together in the Master bedroom so that they present a united front and vision to the child/ children speaking one voice.

7. Watching your partner sleeping tired and covering him/ her with a blanket/ duvet.

8. Waking up quietly from bed not to wake up your partner when you know your partner needs the rest.

9. Him escorting her home after a date even though she is a grown woman who can protect herself.

10. She calling him from home at the end of a date to tell him she had a wonderful time.

11. Him holding her by the waist when introducing her to friends or family.

12. Cuddling close without anything sexual happening.

13. Rubbing each other's nose to signify how comfortable you are with each other.

15. Preparing for your partner the preferred beverage when he/ she is busy working even without your partner asking.

16. Washing each other's back when taking a shower together.

17. Holding each other while looking at a long mirror and seeing a lovely couple looking back at you two.

18. Sending each other random "I love you", "I miss you", "Thinking about you" texts in the middle of the day.

19. Sleeping on your partner's chest

© Dayan Masinde and Akello Oliech



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