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If you want inferiority complex, seek bleached women with fake boobs

 They want to look ‘beautiful’ for men – the same men who say ‘shimo ni shimo, hata ya nyoka’. Really?

Women spend billions on cosmetics and beauty products because the daughters of Eve were born to look good, and smell better. If those two can be bought in a bottle, fair enough.

After all men have been using their wallets to shore up non-existent looks and woo women by ‘darkening tables’ and urinating bank loans down the urinal. Who complains?

So if women want to strut down the streets looking like remote controlled mannequins in high heels, brushing off tonnes of dead Indian hair from their faces and wearing cakes of make-up, men have no business getting their knickers in a twist.

Let girls look good. Let them paint their faces with expensive goo. Let them employ whichever means they desire to make their hair longer, coloured, fake or whatever. It’s their life and their money. If you are not the one paying for it, shurrup.

But I draw the line when a woman decides to go under the knife to enhance her butt and, or, tits. That is not even inferiority complex. It is schupid and it doesn’t matter if men with dead brain cells jerk off by looking at a picture of your silicon filled behind.

We have a crisis. Many millennial girls have embraced plastic surgery the way men on death row gabble up salvation. The desire to have pouty lips, a tight face, a sharp, smaller nose all influenced by public opinion, upcoming trends and a poor appreciation of ‘self’ seems to have engulfed girls and women like a flame.

In fact, what bothers me is that no one is concerned that we are churning out a generation of daughters with inferiority complex and deep self-esteem issues.

What is more maddening is this skin bleaching nonsense. These days, virtually every young – and sometimes not so young – woman wants to be a yellow-yellow. So you have an army of fair skinned women walking across town with suspiciously dark knuckles and knees. My male friends who have bedded them whisper that all those bleached ‘yellow-yellows’ hide bums that are as black as charcoal in their pants.

And you know why the poor things are endangering their kidneys and livers by ingesting dodgy herbal remedies, coating their bodies with suspicious mkorogos, and going to backstreet clinics to stuff silicone in their breasts and tits? Because they want to look ‘beautiful’ for men – the same men who say ‘shimo ni shimo, hata ya nyoka’. Really?

When a woman bleaches her skin in order to feel beautiful, wanted and feminine then something is wrong. In a society where beauty is commercialized, when the craze to look like celebrities increasingly overwhelms our young women then someone needs to tell our young women that beauty is more than having a fair skin, a round, fat butt and humongous breasts.

I mean, there is more to life than seeking socially accepted looks and pandering to male parameters of what beauty should look like.

And this nonsense is no longer a preserve of the wealthy or middleclass, who have the option of hiving the procedures done in proper clinics – local or overseas. Even women of average earnings can now afford the readily available surgeries at “discounted prices. And I can bet you me they will be crying in the toilet in no time when things start to fall apart.

Black has never stopped being beautiful and men have never stopped desiring women who are real and simple. They will pay to urinate on bleached women with amazing but fake boobs and butts, and then go home to their dark, simple wives with fallen breasts whom they love and respect.

If only women focused less on how they look and more on what they can do to live a meaningful life, like invest in education or a business, the world would be a much better place.

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