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Why Initiators should be extra careful while performing the traditional cut


The increased cases of botched traditional circumcision that has gripped parts of Western Kenya are shocking. The question is whether those initiators are not qualified or are rogue initiators trying make both ends meet.

Although traditional circumcision has been and is still one of the reckoning cultural rites that have given the Bukusu and Maragoli identity, it is prudent for the relevant authorities in the health ministry to intervene least the lives of our young ones are at risk.

First and foremost the initiators should be vetted and be equipped with health skills which will include performing the process cautiously without causing any harm. Any simple mistake ruins the future of the initiate.

Recently new circumcision technology was launched awaiting implementation. Although many have criticized the painless and bloodless method, it is quite appropriate. Cultural practices can still follow before, during and after it has be performed.

Furthermore, elders in communities should empower the locals and initiators on the key importance of traditional circumcision so that the focus should shift from fronting money instead of helping the community enjoy rite of passage without any hitch. The rumor has it that it is now business as usual since majority are fighting to circumcise many initiates. They should stop being money oriented because the life of an initiate is more important than the money.

The young generation who are future leaders will be champions of our culture in the coming few years, as such it is important to teach them on the importance of the cut in our culture. These efforts will only be actualized by ensuring we have competent and qualified initiators who will do their best. Cases of botched circumcision generates fear to the young generation. Assurance and hope need to be instilled.

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