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Kisumu: the best county in Kenya


Omera if you have not toured the lakeside city then you are really missing a unique experience of a lifetime. You need to spare some hours or even days and get to visit this city to have the insight of its endowed scenic beauty, venture out on its secret delight and I promise you will to often have a good reason to come back.

Bangu came for a funeral and promised never to return to his homeland. He had found a reason to permanently stick in this city. Being a nocturnal he came to realize that Kisumo offers the best nightlife escapade he has ever thought of. Bangu  was so addicted to the vibrancy of the  night life that he even landed a job as a bouncer at one of the local clubs but later he had  downed his tools after he fell in love and this meant that he had to be bouncing somewhere else at night rather than in a club.

Now back to Pacho, once you are in this city you will realize that unlike the crowded busy streets of mji mkuu(Nairobi),  Kisumu is a quiet intelligent city that has been transformed and taken some conscious steps in improving its infrastructure from roads to state of art buildings that are coming up. Kisumu is today swanking about its best hotels such as Acacia Premier Hotel, Imperial Hotel, Sovereign Hotel and many others that offer the highest standard of accommodation.

According to a local tourist, Kamotho Waiganjo, Acacia Premier is one of the only two hotels in Kenya with its own shopping arcade complete with restaurants, high end boutique and supermarkets. I’m yet to confirm that .Honestly speaking, I have never stepped foot in Acacia since its establishment because I have been broke. Ati broke! People in Kisumo are never broke; I have been in the process of overcoming some cash flow problems. Pesa tango yawa, bank biro tuch mbele ka.

Colorful sunrises and sunsets can be seen in many parts of the country, but when you are at Hippo Point on the shores of the world’s second largest fresh water lake, Lake Victoria, you will have the taste of the ingredients of a truly memorable sunset and its twilight hues. When you are in the process of enjoying this, there is often a band crew that will be entertaining you like akina Mangwelo and his team. #LwandaMagere…big up!

I guess you were waiting for me to mention Fish. This is the exact place for fish lovers. Leave alone the imported  ile ya China we iko somanga kwa gazet, at Lwangni beach you will relish a sumptuous meal of ngege with ugali as you enjoy how the fisher men have christened their boats as they crisscross the lake. Eti  Dhako ndiga,kiketo marach…

If there is an affectional relationship between you and animals then the Impala Park Sanctuary is the place to be. Set on the shore of Lake Victoria, this is the best wildlife park I have ever been to. The wildlife here seems to understand that you are a tourist and actually come out to be seen. The natural beauty is quite amazing.

If you like politics the locals have their own barazas where they ‘beat’ their politics the common one along the Oginga Odinga streets. You can get there and mingle and engage with them politically but if you know you are anti-baba you may be forced to do it with moderation or else it may appear like you have been sent-oori.

If you happen to be around in the late night hours, then you can go shake it in one of the numerous clubs around. Inyalo soye Signature, Buccaneers or in the local pubs to enjoy some ohangla live performances aki utapenda!. Tembea Kisumu.

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