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Kenyan men are hunks, ladies please admit it!


We, Kenyan men, have been labelled by some Kenyan ladies as short, broke and ugly. We have been accused many times of being unromantic and poor lovers. Our only interest, as they claim, is to hit the cookie jar and move on to the next available lass. It has been said that we can only win Olympics marathon races but cannot dare contest in Mr World pageant. The situation is so bad that I hear even Kenyan ladies in the diaspora snub Kenyan men and prefer to date men from other countries who are perceived as having a better physical outlook and a great sense of style. These allegations are, however, baseless, unfounded and fallacious. I am a very straight Kenyan man and I can shamelessly attest that Kenyan men are handsome, desirable and have a well- built body frame coupled with an enviable sense of fashion. Most ladies have been brainwashed to think that we are inferior to our Naija, South African and Wazungu counterparts when it comes to great looks and everything else. I blame it on Afrocinema movies and soap operas from South Africa and Western countries. 

Nigerian, South African and Wazungu guys may have fatter wallets full of Nairas, Rands and Dollars which are more valuable than our local currency because the economies of their countries are bigger and better. However, when it comes to charm, desirability and great looks they just can't match the typical Kenyan man, born and bred in Kenya. The world has come to acknowledge this undeniable fact. One Kelvin Oduor Owiti, 21, who was declared the most desirable man in Africa and fourth in the world at the recently concluded Mr World pageant held in Southport, United Kingdom, is a living proof that we got great looks. Not just great looks, but great looks with a purpose. I am so proud of Mr Oduor for having proven wrong those who have been bad- mouthing us. Most notably, he beat the overrated Naija, Ghanaian and South African contestants. Beating 42 other contestants to emerge position four globally is not a mean achievement. Congratulations to Mr. Oduor for representing us well at the global event.

Kenyan men have never failed to compliment Kenyan ladies for their beauty and flawless bodies not forgetting their intriguing sense of fashion. We have, however, time and again had reservations with regard to the marriageability of our women. We have always exuded confidence in our contestants at the Miss World pageant; though our ladies have hardly returned the favor. We have a unique attribute of giving credit where it's worth. Think of the very lovely former Miss World Kenya Idah Nguma, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta; nominated Senator Naisula Lesuuda, news anchor Mashirima Kapombe and our loving mothers back at home just to mention a few. Wait! How could I leave singer Akothee and STL out of that list? Every Kenyan man will forthrightly agree that they all look amazing. Glamorous if I may say. No wonder foreign men flock our country from all directions to try their luck.

I am of the opinion that whoever came up with the unpleasant 'Kenyan men are short, broke and ugly' mantra be arrested and charged with defaming over 20 million Kenyan men. They should pay damages to all Kenyan men for shading us in a bad light. I am sure that the news of a Kenyan man emerging number four at the Mr World pageant hit them like a thunder bolt. Dear Kenyan Ladies, it's the highest time you joined the rest of the world in acknowledging that your Kenyan fathers, brothers, husbands and potential suitors are among the World’s most handsome and desirable. We really need your support to fare even better at the Mr. World pageant. You are indeed blessed to have us around. 

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