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Betway’s impact on the growth and development of sports in Africa


Betway Bonanza Kshs 1 Million winner Geoffrey Nyandoro Nyamau, receives a dummy cheque from Betway brand ambassador Dennis Oliech [Photo:Wilberforce Okwiri]

African sports has long been in shambles mainly because of the economic issues. The African nations are well-known as the athletic powerhouse. With time and again, different African sportsperson has shown their talent. When Usain bolt bolted his way to the Olympics podium, it created an understandable attraction to the development of games here.

Role of Betway

Betway is a well-known and reputed online betting firm. Over time, it has been actively involved in the promotion of various games most prominent of which is the football. With its multi-millions practically pumping into the games, the condition of the games has improved considerably. In fact, Betway online betting is popular the world over

Betway also organizes many sporting events and make donations to the local teams. Its primary aim is to motivate the local teams and churn out the talents from them who can then represent the country on the international platform.

Betway made it interesting to people by enabling live betting features on the app. Now, anyone with a smartphone and knowledge of the game can bet on it. People throng to stadiums because they do want to win the jackpot prizes.

 Joseph Onywera displayes a dummy cheque after wining Sh20 million jackpot bet from Betway [Photo: Kevin Omollo]

In as little as half a decade, the company has carved out a presence for itself. It currently even sponsors an English Premier League team and is known to offer stable and reliable platform for betting to all. It just takes seconds for new gamblers to create an account and bet on their favorite sports. They can win big each time they make the right prediction, and it isn't that difficult if you know your game well.

The reaction of other business firms

When betway began investing in the games, it was not at all profitable. The teams lacked even the basic sports kit. But over the year's conditions have changed. Betway ensured that the players don’t have to worry about their economic condition and this showed o their performance. With the better performances, came the sponsors. Today, each sporting event has got more than two sponsors. With the inflowing investments, gaming infrastructure is also improving.

More funds are now available for the building of stadiums and for players’ remuneration. Even the prize money has drastically increased over the years. All of this clearly shows on the demography. Youth are now investing their energy and skills in getting a spot in the teams. Earlier, the NGOs reported them being in drugs and crimes.

That rate has plummeted. The population is actually moving towards the advancement. And all of this because a betting firm decided to invest in games.

 Some of the 16 finalists of the Betway Talent Search warm up at Kasarani, 2016 [Photo:Stafford Ondego]

Betway is definitely the pioneer firm to promote sports sponsorships in African nations. The nations which were earlier grappling with poverty are now able to move towards development as different companies are investing money in their youth. The coming years will definitely see international players investing in the games and sponsoring various tournaments. But, betway will always be credited for promoting this sponsorship culture in the African nations.

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