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An adventure mum's country home

 Violet Karanu (right) known to many as Adventure Mum, is a fearless explorer and outdoor enthusiast passionate about living life to the fullest.

Kagwe, in Kiambu County, is a town on a hill filled with green, rolling hills and beautiful tea farms.

Violet Karanu, known to many as Adventure Mum, is a fearless explorer and outdoor enthusiast passionate about living life to the fullest. Violet lives in Kagwe.

Whether climbing mountains, diving into the depths of the ocean, hitting the trails on her bike, or hiking, Violet is always up for a challenge.

When Covid-19 hit, Violet decided to move back to her ancestral land, an hour and a half from the city centre. She saved and built the three-bedroom ensuite farmhouse for about Sh5 million.

Owning her home enables her to save and travel the world with her son. The adventurous Violet is no stranger to pushing limits and stepping out of her comfort zone.

Her love of the outdoors began at a young age, and she has since travelled the world in search of new adventures and breathtaking landscapes to explore.

Besides that, she loves practising yoga, meditating, and spending quality time with her son and extended family. She also runs an HR consultancy firm. The architectural style of her farmhouse patched on a hill with the magical views of the tea farm, makes the home picturesque. Her living room is eclectic. One wall is olive green, and the others are white.

The unique macramé curtain allows her to enjoy the beautiful views of the tea farm. The green wall is adorned with four stunning framed pictures of the sun as it sets. “My friend took pictures of the sunset, and I framed them,” she said.

Her sink-in grey velvet sofa is luxurious and cosy. The white cushions’ design, texture and colours stand out. “I bought these in Morocco. I like the frills and the design of the cushions,” she explained.

Her décor pieces are handcrafted. She collects handcrafted cars, and her son loves them too.

The grey floor-to-ceiling curtains give her space a fantastic aesthetic look and feel. When they are open, the huge windows bring in light and gorgeous views of the tea farm.

Her light fixtures are glamorous – a perfect fit for her space. The divider design that dives her dining area and living room depicts a motorbike with shelves. She displays a collection of little handmade toy cars and bikes that are cute to look at and make one feel like a child again.

The rustic and unique style of the diver describes the owner of the home; she is certainly not conventional. Her dining area has a huge wall art piece resembling a tray with small side plates in bright, sunny colours. Her dining table and chairs are stylish and timeless. Her cutlery display is meticulous. Her art display shelf shows her quirky memorabilia from various countries.

Violet instils in her son the same curiosity, wonder, and appreciation for the natural world that drives her adventures. Her son often joins her for adventures and has developed an interest in diving

Approaching the bedrooms, the handwoven colourful rugs she bought during her trip to Morocco are full of character.

Her console table is luxe and matches the mirror. The light fixture in the corridor that leads to her master bedroom is a monkey hanging on a rope.

The master bedroom is refreshing and lovely, with huge windows – that provide a view of the tea farm – and white walls. The accent wall depicts a forest with pine trees. “This was hand painted by a renowned artist,” she shared. One can hardly believe it’s hand-painted because it looks real and magical.

The black and white pictures and huge showstopper art pieces give her room personality and character.

Her creative idea to have an inbuilt sofa, with storage underneath it, next to the window, is clever. “I read and enjoy the sunset from here,” she says.

A huge mirror and her moonlight fixture fit the space perfectly. The comfortable bedding gives her ensuite bedroom a luxury feeling.

Her guest room is equally stunning. The accent wall was hand painted by the same artiste. This time, they painted the leaves of a tree. The bedding depicted the wall. The fusion is simply spectacular. Her outdoor space is nothing short of magnificent. The fireplace next to her outdoor studio where she works out is mind-blowing. The open workout studio is made of translucent iron sheets. The walls are painted in bright, flowery colours, and the huge mirror pops from a distance.

Violet is a millennial who boldly decided to return to the country and is living the life of her dreams. Adventure Mum’s adventurous spirit and unwavering determination inspire those around her to embrace their sense of adventure and live life to the fullest.

— @missnailantei on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Watch Art of Living at 6pm on KTN Home and watch this episode on YouTube.  

[email protected]

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