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Maureen Waititu's beautiful home

 Maureen Waititu's living room. [Nailantei Kenga]

Maureen Waititu is a content creator, media personality and lawyer. When you meet the mother of two, her vibrant and cheerful personality jumps at you.

It was without question that her charming personality would spill into her three-bedroom home, which, when you step into, feels like being enfolded in a warm hug.

Her home is an oasis of calm and an escape that gives her joy. The lighting is soft and plentiful, and Maureen carefully hand-picked everything in her space. She got her inspiration from Pinterest.

She has a unique sense of style. Grey and white luxurious heavy curtains cover the expansive windows. Her gypsum focal wall is of a grey and white matt patterned wallpaper. The gigantic TV can’t go unnoticed.

LED lights give her home a futuristic look and feel. She says they love light as a family, day or night.

Her light fixtures have a rustic and warm aesthetic feel. "I love warm lighting. It creates a fantastic mood in my home. When I go to hotels, I want to come home and tell myself, ‘East or West, home is the best.’ I invest in my home so I can be on holiday every day,” she says.

Her space is modern, stylish and timeless. In her sitting room is a grey sink-in plush sofa. A fluffy grey carpet covers the floor. Sunny yellow and grey curtains cover the windows.

Cushions in the yellow and grey pattern complement the theme of the same colour in the house. Layers of textures create a vibrant mood and a statement.

 Her space is modern, stylish and timeless. [Nailantei Kenga]

The walls are decorated with fancy white frames with inspiring words and pictures of her photos and her sons.

The dining area is decorated with DIY floating shelves. Her fundi advised her to put beige velvet on the floating shelves for a luxurious feel.

The array of treasures on the shelves displayed is visually attractive and artistic. This is where her sons do their homework and dine. She wanted a dining area straight out of a movie set.

On the opposite side is a huge mirror. Maureen explains that it cost her an arm and a leg, but it was worth it. It is grandiose and gives the dining space a glamorous feel.

Dining chairs upholstered in beige velvet and one flowery seat makes it a perfect dining space.

Approaching her bedroom, her wall of fame is stunning. The walls are sunny yellow, and one wall holds a decorative mirror. The other wall is decorated with number plates from the countries she has visited.

It also holds the ‘Most Stylish’ award from Couture magazine, the ‘Best Collaborator’ award from 254 Awards, and a cute handmade sculpture that reads: ‘God has made all things beautiful in his time’.

Her sons’ bedroom is nothing short of splendid. LED lighting, blue wallpaper with cute little stars, and gypsum wall with cubicles that display their artwork give it a dreamy yet futuristic feel.

“My firstborn son is very artistic,” she says, proudly showing me his work. Plush Mickey Mouse  and other character toys on their beds gives the room playful and fun vibe.

Affirmation phrases such as, ‘You are a superhero,’ and ‘Oh, the mountains you will move’ are displayed in pretty frames on the wall. They are inspirational and heart-warming.

“Affirmations are important as a parent. It’s important to remind kids who they are before the world tells them who they are if you don’t,” she says.

 Maureen Waititu's home.

The two matching bed duvet covers are gorgeous. “I wanted them to share a room so they can bond and if I had my own room when I was growing up I would have loved to have this kind of a room,” she says.

The master bedroom is sophisticated and cozy. Her maroon headboard and bedding are luxurious and comfortable. She has a meticulous shoe display and a lovely crystal chandelier. All her make-up, and all the fabulous things that an award-winning and stylish content creator would have, are held in a charming nook.

A sparkly vanity mirror beside her bed doubles up as her workspace.

Maureen says her bedroom is her favourite space where she prays, cries, laughs, and plays with her sons.

She says that when you are a parent you cannot run away from responsibility, they are your children take care of them, allow yourself to be vulnerable put it out there and put God first.

 Maureen Waititu. [Instagram]

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