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Caroline Kariuki's delightful home

 Caroline Kariuki's delightful home. (Courtesy)

Caroline Kariuki was recently appointed chairperson of the Vision 2030 Delivery Board. She has been serving as the Kenya Private Sector Alliance CEO for the last 12 years and is quite successful, charismatic, down-to-earth, and, surprisingly, very artistic.

When we arrived at her home, I was pleasantly surprised by an ordinated eclectic art piece outside her entrance, and the adjacent wall was adorned with beautiful wicker basket decorations. Her gazebo is cosy and inviting, perfect for outdoor activities. The majestic arc mahogany main door with bronze details is remarkable. Notably, the doors in the whole house have the same design. The mahogany arc-shaped doors look glorious. Her Victorian and contemporary flair in the living room is impressive. It feels like a thrillingly romantic movie set - vast windows and luxurious thick curtains give the space a sense of elegance and style. Her walls have a neutral colour. They display her oil paint art pieces, mainly from her travels in Italy, her favourite destination.

She has spectacular cream luxe sofas adorned with colourful blue and patterned pillows. The room also holds two statement anchor sofas with arch design, Victorian lampstands, and light fixtures that bring out Caroline's eclectic style. The wooden floor is perfect canvas for her exotic hand-woven bright and colourful carpets bought in Morocco. The Persian rug is delightfully vibrant. Plenty of fresh flowers displayed around the house infuse a delicious scent. Caroline does not buy flowers. "I get flowers from my friends. They inspire me. They say if you want to know someone, look at their friends," she says.

 Caroline Kariuki's home. (Courtesy)

Caroline says she designed her home; she is passionate about interior decor. A grand piano in the living room motivates her to get back to music. Her handcrafted rustic dining table and chairs, locally sourced, and a rustic display cabinet at the corner of the room, give her space allure and character. A vibrant painting of a modern African woman provides a pop of colour against the neutral pallet on the wall. The wicker baskets on the opposite wall give a magical effect. "I am expecting my family this evening for dinner. I enjoy hosting a lot," she says.

Her wall of fame on the corridor that leads upstairs to her other rooms displays accolades, certificates and pictures of her receiving awards and letters from former President Uhuru Kenyatta. Adjacent to the wooden staircase is a display shelf filled with pictures that carry happy memories of Caroline and her family, world leaders, presidents, business leaders and her closest friends. We go upstairs, where she shows me a gorgeous art neckpiece, a gift from her sister, which she decided to frame. The holding TV area upstairs has a sink-in cosy sofa bed.

"I save up to buy most of these pieces. I love investing in classy and expensive furniture, and I take time and think through each piece," she said. Her bed cover adds a dose of colour to her subtle bedroom. It is simply sensational. A gorgeous scarf on the trunk was a gift from Sri Lanka's president. "It is sentimental to me," said Caroline.

Streamlined luxury, creativity and elegance in Caroline's home tell a distinct story.

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