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Preparing for travel emergencies

 A woman pushing her suitcase to the airport.

For many, the idea of travel preparedness is linked to a list of items ranging from means of travel, accommodation, budget, and itinerary of things to do. Rarely does it include anticipated mishaps that a traveller might encounter.

While travelling many things can go wrong including an unexpected health scare or accidents.

Apart from ruining your trip, and fun, when this happens, oftentimes, the traveller will scramble to find items that they should have packed, such as a first aid kit.

Each traveller is unique from another, so when it comes to matters health, you should have a grasp on your medical conditions or allergies - a visit to your GP will guide you on which medications to always carry with you while vacationing.

If you have chronic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, consult a doctor to include a supply of medications taken for chronic illnesses. Be sure not to carry these in the hand luggage. You could lose your luggage or need your medication when you least expect it.

Sometimes travelling involves sharing spaces such as in bus, rail, airports, and hotels, not to forget food poisoning among other health hazards. When not at home, dealing with these maladies can be hazardous, a nightmare, and potentially life-threatening if you had not planned for such.

If you have health issues such as a disability that, for instance, puts you in a wheelchair, it is important to check in advance if your destination facility has provisions for you such as parking, special rooms, wheelchair ramp, etc.

Before taking your trip, find out what would happen if anything went wrong. It might be costly, or too late for doing a local survey on where to go for medical care. It is advisable to take travel medical insurance. It is not just about the cost of getting medical care, but it could be about getting to the right medical facility for treatment.

Always have medical documents in one place (in the hand luggage), any medical copies such as health insurance cards. It is equally important to have your identification documents such as your ID and passport. The documents may be handy in case of an accident or illness or any other kind of emergency.

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