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Life changing habits to get you out of a rut

 Healthy eating. 

Getting things done doesn’t just happen. You have to make them happen. This means taking charge of your life and doing those things you would rather not do. If we had a choice, we would all live the lives of a movie character in our favourite movie.

Too bad real life does not even come close to that fantasy. No one is coming to save you. As an adult, you must realise that you are your only saviour. If it is that money, you must work hard and get it. If it is that marriage, you must look for a great partner and put in the work.

Nothing is given to you for free once you are an adult living in the real world. Life is hard, but it does not have to always be like that.

Of course, there are those factors we cannot change and likewise, there are those we can that eventually affect your destiny and happiness. And those start with small habits that ultimately build up and become part of your character.

As soon as you wake up, for instance, you must make your bed; yes, it is important! Not only will you be glad you did it because after a long day you can sleep comfortably, but, such small wins at the beginning of the day lead to other wins.

Studies show that doing this subconsciously motivates you to get other things done and is one of the ways to feel good about yourself.

That out of the way, your diet must be fixed too. The right food will boost your mood and generally improve your health. You also want to look good in the mirror, so start by cutting out what you do not need and add more of the healthy stuff.

It will be hard at first and this is why you should prepare your meals and look into some recipes. This will encourage you to eat more good food. Some exercise goes without saying. You must keep your body moving.

Your brain also needs to be stimulated. When was the last time you picked up a book? Instead of binging on Netflix shows or scrolling through social media for hours, grab a book instead. You can read before bedtime, during your breaks, or in the morning. Look for the best time and turn it into a routine.

Give yourself a deadline if you have a project, career goal, or something you want to achieve within a stipulated time. This habit is as simple as jotting down what you want in life in a journal.

Have specific and realistic deadlines to allow you to meet them. If you are slacking, get a family member or friend to hold you accountable. Practice forgiveness, show compassion, and be kind to others. Before you know it, you will be living your best life.

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