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Young Nairobians fall into Illuminati trap



After months of investigations, The Nairobian has established that the secret society Illuminati is vibrant in the city and is now attracting hundreds of desperate unemployed young people.

Young men who The Nairobian has had contact with have even promised to pay thousands of shillings to join the society which is believed to offer money and power.

But as alleged recruiters of the secret society lure many young people to become members, others who claim to be linked to the organisation are involved in a massive scam on Facebook.

It is believed many of those enthusiastic about joining the sect have lost money through the scam.

Peter, a young man who sells mogoka in Rongai town, is willing to give a blood sacrifice of anyone including his family members and Sh50,000 as a registration fee to join Illuminati.

“I feel that Illuminati is interesting,” Peter said during a phone interview on September 11 with The Nairobian when we posed as recruiters of the secretive and satanic organisation.

“I want to join so as to make money. I am tired of being jobless and broke.”

He is among jobless youth willing to make any sacrifice to put a meal on the table.

Although, the Illuminati, founded in Europe in the 18th century during the Age of Enlightenment, was a society of intellectuals with an active interest in science, young Kenyans, jobless and fresh graduates are using every means to join the organisation.

Does Illuminati really exist? Is it still active around the world? Are there Illuminati members in Kenya?

For the last three months, The Nairobian has been investigating the Illuminati issue.  Last month, we believed that we had reached a dead end.

However, when pursuing information on devil worshippers we also came across contacts of people, predominantly the youth, wanting to join the Illuminati in search of power, money and influence.

We picked 20 phone numbers and started the intriguing journey to contact them.

The first four phone calls were not picked. On Wednesday evening, we were lucky when a man who uses Zac Babel, a Moi University student, as his Facebook name picked his mobile phone.

“Hi Zac, you contacted us a while back about joining us. However, you went silent. Are you still interested?” The writer asked after identifying himself as a member of Illuminati.

“That was such a long time,” he replied. “There is a way through which I managed to get in. I am now a full Illuminati member. I have been a member for about one year and a half.”

The answer was so shocking that colleagues in the newsroom who were seated next to the writer as he made the phone call went dead silent.

“There is no problem if you have already joined us,” I pressed on. “So, can I invite you to our meeting at our temple?”

“I don’t have any problem attending the meeting as long as you follow the set down rules and regulations,” he answered back. “You must know about the procedures involved when calling other members to your meeting.”

As we pressed further, Zac started responding with more caution.

“What is your registration number so that I may know where you belong?” he asked.

For the first time, it hit us that we needed a registration number so as to keep the conversation going. What could such a registration number be? Would it be starting with a number, letter or symbol?

“Let me email you the details. I still have your contacts,” I answered quickly so as to save myself from being cornered with the registration number issue.

Such revelations are shocking in a country where majority of the population are Christians.

From our investigations, we have established that there is a growing number of young people willing to join the secretive society.

They range from university students who believe that it will be easier for them to get jobs, jobless graduates who want money to start their own businesses, up-coming musicians looking for fame to business people who want to become billionaires overnight.

There are groups on various social networks that claim to recruit individuals to join devil worship and the Illuminati.

“The Illuminati is the secret society responsible for the development of the cultural operating system behind every decisions, big or small, you have ever made in your entire life. A select, yet growing group of massively successful entrepreneurs, musicians, actors and other high-ranking social placeholders make up the Illuminati,” the Facebook group Kenya Illuminati describes the secret organisation.

From our investigations, the Umbrastar (an official of the fraternal brotherhood) of Illuminati visited Africa in April.

“I have a good news for you now that you have come for your rescue: if you are in Africa, ‘umbrastar’ is now there in the following cities; Nairobi, Acra, Johanesburg, Cairo, Abuja, for more details email the prince’s; [email protected],” a message that was sent across the Illuminati network reads.

In one of the Facebook groups, a user by the name EliestCash Prince Juma writes, “I wanna join bro,even nw jst shw me that way n i will follow. Tired of being a looser.”

The Facebook group, Illuminati in Kenya, has 177 likes. Its members abuse God with one of them writing, “How can I join, am so tired with foolish god.”

According to the Facebook Group, Illuminati in Kenya, the society is divided into two big groups – Banking and Money Group and Secret Societies Group.

Other groups include political, intelligence, religious and education groups.

Another Facebook group is the Kenya Devil Worshipers and Illuminati JOIN NOW has 1,047 likes.

The recruitment is also a massive con business. One of the alleged recruiters is known as Mark Wills who wrote to us. “Join the Illuminati and have all your heart desires come through, Fast cars, Spot Lights, Money, Influence and power. Earn $250000 monthly for becoming a member and $1000000 for doing what you like to do.”

A man identified as Steven MaCain tried to explain. “They charge about $70 to $100 depending on your occupation and age... You can check their recruitment website,” he wrote.

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