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She is just a friend, Juma Jux on dating Huddah

 Juma Jux and Huddah Monroe. 

Tanzanian artiste and songwriter Juma Mussa Mkambala aka Juma Jux, has set the record straight regarding his recent public display of affection with Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe. Speaking at a press conference, Juma said that the two are just friends who have decided to come together and support each other.

“Every time I get a chance, I like to support friends who have an entrepreneurial mindset and are hardworking. Someone like Huddah who is always pushing hard for her products and is doing well,” he said.

According to Jux, people should support each other in business despite their relationship status.

“If you are friends, if you are lovers, family it does not matter. The endgame is to always lift each other in all that we do. If you are in a relationship, say friendship and you are not making money together or supporting each other, then you won’t go far. She is my friend and that’s why I support her,” Jux said.

Huddah, currently in Tanzania, did not confirm or deny any romantical involvement with Juma Jux even after the two shared videos and photos of them kissing and getting cozy. Instead, she refuted the claims by saying that a kiss is just a normal thing and people do it every day.

“People kiss. Friends kiss, you can kiss your child on the cheeks. Just watch out, you can tell the energy,” Huddah said.

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The two continue to fuel relationship rumors after Huddah got featured as a video vixen in Juma’s latest music video Simuachi.

Juma Jux raised eyebrows a year ago after naming his new Mercedes Benz after Huddah, an act that left fans puzzled. However, in his defense, Juma said it was just a beautiful name that matched the class and taste of his then newest car. 

“Well, it is just a name as is. I mean it is a beautiful car, comfortable, pretty,” he said.

Jux and Monroe have been rumoured to be involved romantically in the past, but both have maintained that there is nothing but friendship between them.

Last year, the Nitasubiri singer refuted reports of a relationship with Huddah, saying that he sees her “like a sister.”

“Ni msichana mrembo, ana asilimia kama themanini hivi ya vigezo ninavyovihitaji kwa mwanamke, lakini hiyo haifanyi mimi na yeye tukawa wapenzi, namheshimu kama dada yangu na tumekuwa tukishirikiana sana kwenye kazi, isitoshe Hudah ana mtu wake,” he said.

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