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Gaming trends: Technology to drive growth of video games

 A young man playing video games at home.

Predictions have been thrown off balance due to Covid-19 in the past two years. The year 2020 was one of the most unpredictable as the pandemic continued raging on. On the other hand, this was a blessing in disguise for gaming companies that had a record year. People played games to pass time, survive, repair their social lives, and distract themselves while at it.

As 2022 starts, there are some upcoming trends that are altering the dynamics of gaming and might be a thing this particular year.

AR and VR gaming

It has been clear that gamers are excited to see the future of interactive experiences. Gaming is becoming interactive and real by the day. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have exciting potential in the future of gaming. They are known for their enriched experience that brings together a virtual world and the real one with enhanced, 3-D visuals.

The main difference between VR and AR come down to the devices they require and the experience itself. While virtual reality is defined by its ability to take you to an entirely different world, augmented reality augments the one in which you are living. AR users can control their presence in the real world compared to VR users who are controlled by the system.

All in all, the realness and interactive experiences have been pushing gamers to this side of life. We have already seen a couple of top of the range devices already in the market to enhance this experience.

Crypto gaming

Most players game for the fun of it, but in recent times, people play and earn while at it. The introduction of crypto gaming has changed the scene due to blockchain technology. Players can now use their rewards and items across different crypto gaming platforms. Players can use fiat currency to buy in-game money or they can collect items and level up their characters.

Some games have been on the receiving end since players have to invest money to get the best out of the game. But with crypto gaming, players are now allowed to make profits from their investment through crypto gaming coins. This is called a play-to-earn model.

Cloud Gaming

As the name suggests, players no longer need to have the newest or the most sophisticated accessories to access games. In this scenario instead of buying a console or a disc, all you need to do is embrace the internet and you can stream a game to any display you own.

Cloud streaming services are typically compatible with the latest controllers via bluetooth, along with the traditional mouse and keyboard setup.


The narrative about millennials and the amount of time they spend on smartphones and in front of screens has been the subject of many debates. This trend, variously labelled as lazy and anti-social has been a cash cow for some players who play on the professional level. Esports athletes have been pocketing millions of dollars in what would easily be a money-minting reality in this virtual world.

A gamer with soundproof earmuffs and control pads behind closed doors could be a multi-millionaire, at least in Kenyan currency, in the making, with the most popular gaming consoles being the PlayStation and X-Box. This bug has been on an all-time high as people embrace the scene. Sponsors and celebrities come on board to support such tournaments.

Powerful consoles

New technologies offer new ways for developers to create novel experiences. And, the next generation consoles are looking to do just that. Gone are the days of singularly focused, basic gaming. Today, the gaming console realm focuses on insane power offerings for high-res HDR and virtual reality gaming.

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