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KRG tells Gengetone artistes to sing songs everyone can understand

 KRG the Don [Courtesy]

Rapper KRG the Don has urged Gengetone artistes to sing songs that everyone can understand, urging them to move away from the ‘deep sheng’ that can only be consumed by a few.

KRG further claimed that some of the lines they spit are often used as coded language by petty thieves who use them to disguise their plans.

Apart from hizo mitaa mnsema, Dandora, Kayole Umoja etc, nobody else understands those things. Why don’t you sing things that everyone can understand in as much as tunapenda sheng,” he posed.

Admitting that he works closely with songwriters, KRG said he is willing to aid upcoming artistes in coming up with good relevant content adding that there is no shame in crediting someone who wrote a song for you.

“Mtu akiniandikia ngoma mimi nitampatia credit. Kwa sababu kuna song writers, na mimi kama artist naeza deliver…naeza engage mtu mwingine na nimlipe,” he suggested.

The rapper also revealed that he did not write his song dubbed Kairiti as it was someone else’s composition that he just executed.

Kairitu was not my composition. It was Alvindo’s composition. I delivered the song as an artist. Na nilimpatia credit out of it,” he narrated.

His sentiments come barely a week after VDJ Jones accused Jalang'o, who is vying for Lang'ata parliamentary seat, of wanting to kill Gengetone Music. According to VDJ Jones, the former Radio presenter refused to play Gengetone music.

“Jalang'o kept saying Gengetone itaisha, he even denied us airplay," he said at an interview.


A post shared by JALANG'O (@jalangoo)

Linking his comments to Jalang’os’ political ambitions, VDJ Jones further added that Gengetone artists would have supported his political ambitions had he reciprocated the same when they needed him.

“The same guys he refused to support are the ones who will support him. If he had supported the young guys, they would have easily supported him now. The world is a circle, he shouldn't forget that, but namuombea apite,” he added.

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