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My style - Dj Kalonje

                  Dejay Kalonje talks about his fashion sense

P:            Your favourite place to shop is?

DJ K:      I don’t have a favourite place if I find something stylish at a roadside vendor I will get it, if I walk into Macy’s in Dubai and something catches my eye I will get it.

P:            For swimming would you rather see a woman in a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit?

DJ K: It doesn’t matter, so long as she has the personality and self-esteem she would look stunning in either.

P:            What pieces of jewellery are you into?

DJ K:      I love rings and chains considering I am in the entertainment business, I have to stand out.

P:            When meeting a girl for the first time, you notice her…

DJ K:      Her eyes. It might sound cliché’ but I believe eyes are the window to the soul.

P:            What are you likely to be wearing when doing a gig? 

DJ K:      A T-shirt, pair of jeans, sneakers and my jewellery. Comfort while working is very important and in my casual wear I am the most comfortable.

P:            What is the cheapest item you have in your wardrobe? 

DJ K:      Handkerchiefs I bought for shs.50.

P:            What about the most expensive item?  

DJ K:      My Cartier watch that cost me Sh210, 000. If I lost it I would pass out.

P:            What hair do you prefer on your kind of women— weave, braids or natural hair?

DJ K:      I prefer natural hair because it exudes confidence and it shows she is confident in her skin.

P:            A well-dressed woman to you is?

DJ K:      A woman who walks with her head high no matter what she’s wearing.

P:            Who would you say is the best-dressed local female celebrity?

DJ K:      Debra Sanaipei. Her look is timeless.

—DJ Kalonje is one of Kenya’s top DJ’s who recently performed at the FetAfrik celebrations in Seychelles.


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