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Muratina Brewer Threatens to Strip For Electric Power Employees

Crazy World

Trespassers threat

By Murimi Mwangi

A lady from Mukinduri Village in Kirinyaga-Central shocked residents after she threatened to strip, in her bid to protest the erection of an electricity post on her farm.

The woman, a local brewer and well known hothead, was on her way home, when she spotted men in squatting position busy digging out a hole in her shamba.

“Shameless men, so today you have chosen to defecate in my shamba in broad daylight? I swear I will slash somebody’s behind!” She shouted, thinking  she had eventually caught up with scoundrels that always turn her shamba into a toilet.  

However, when she arrived at the spot, she calmed down after noticing the men were in overalls. She, however, on close scrutiny noticed they were from a power company and that is when she began asking them questions in regard to what they were doing in her farm. 

Her anger was particularly aggravated by the fact that the men kept digging and ignored her. When she became too much, they informed her that they were making a power connection to the neighbouring homestead, unaware that the old woman had not been informed of it by their client.

It was then that she sounded an alarm, awaking area residents who rushed to the scene to catch closer glimpse of what was happening. 

When the trespassers ignored her earnest request to stop, she took her protests a notch higher and threatened to strip if they did not leave her shamba, immediately.

(Ndamwira mume guku kana ndute nguo ciakwa ciodhe (I order you to leave my farm immediately or I will strip!)” She barked.

However, her plea fell on deaf ears. In fact, the chief engineer who was overseeing the exercise threatened to call the police if she didn’t let them finish their work, but to that, too, she had an immediate answer.

“I don’t care about police, I have been arrested countless times over brewing muratina, what new thing will they do to me?” She scoffed.

It is alleged that the chief engineer had been given a huge sum of money by a relatively rich neigbour to hasten the connection. And had been promised even more, once the connection exercise was done.

Money, as it is known to sooth souls and heal wounds, had to come in handy to end the brouhaha. The engineer dipped his hand in his coat pocket and retrieved Sh1,000 crispy bank note, which he gave the old woman.

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