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How to seduce different types of women

Crazy Monday

seducing women

Women are constantly trying to understand whether or not a man is ‘dateable’. But men, on the other hand, often have a more immediate concern such as whether or not they can bed a woman.

A research done by a man whose name I have forgotten suggested interesting findings. It said women who look for quick fun, purposefully send signals that they are open to anything. But there could be a problem: Uninterested women may inadvertently display the same sexy signals, the report continued. The problem here is that a man just can’t tell when a woman is up for fun.

The boys guild met last Saturday. And this time, we met at a new spot along Ngong’ Road to deliberate on how one can tell when a girl is in an “I want us to have fun” mode or “I’m hot for you, unless you try harder”.

“Of course, when you get attracted to a woman, I think you should first analyse her group of female friends before moving in,” advises Frao.  “If her clique seems closed off — only making eye contact with each other, dancing in a tight cluster — they’re not interested,” he continued.

“Women who walk back and forth across the bar surveying the room are likely the ladies looking for more than a girls’ night out,” Frao went on. The men at our table nodded approvingly, considering Frao has been involved in many attempts and rebuttals, the boys felt he was most qualified to advise on such matters — hunting for quick fun.

Our pal Mike, though some of us doubt his orientation, also had something to offer. “The girls who wear tight or revealing clothing are simply telling you that they are open for suggestions. It’s upon the men to stand up and be counted or if they so wish, chicken out,” he suggested.

“A mini skirt and stilettos do not automatically mean ‘hook-up’ material. In fact, at times, women just strut their stuff because the extra attention feels nice,” cautioned Brayo. But, he adds, if she’s displaying both her legs and her breasts, that’s a potential clue she’s on the prowl.

This, we generally agreed, would be the case when you are dealing with young college girls. But what about the more mature and independent women? “These ones can be complicated,” argues Frao.

“The most important aspect, when it comes to the professional women, is the approach,” he argues.

“It is vital that you appeal to their intellectual level first. This way, they will be assured that you view them as professional peers and not as women. When you have convinced them of that modus operandi, the rest, depending on your brilliance and ability to make them laugh, would be a smooth roller coaster” argues Frao.

 Perhaps one of the easiest sign is when she gives you the ‘come hither’ look. This is one of the strongest green lights a woman can send, says Brayo, and king of stints, Frao, agrees.

“When she sends such a signal, do not be in a hurry to go, since if you do, you will have compromised your negotiating chances,” says Frao. “Basically, let her not think that you are available for picking, as if you were an item at the supermarket shelves,” adds Frao.

Frao further advises that when eventually you have made her wait and having kept her in suspense for a considerable time, make the advance like a seasoned soldier.

“Match her seductive stare with a booming hello. Introduce yourself, offer to buy her a drink, and let her know she’s the most alluring woman in the room,” Says Frao.

Sit back and watch her giggle and wallow in the miasma of your charms.

From then on, the ball is in your court.



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