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'My husband has been spying on me with a hidden camera as he thinks I'm cheating'

 He violated her privacy. (Courtesy)

When it comes to relationships, there has to be a good foundation of trust and respect, or the whole thing can fall apart before your very eyes.

After being with her husband for more than a decade, one woman thought she could trust her partner implicitly.

However, she recently discovered that the feeling wasn't mutual and claims her partner had gone behind her back and installed a hidden camera in their home.

The camera, which she says was disguised to look like a smoke alarm, left the wife feeling "sickened" and grossed out and she's now unsure if she can forgive her husband for betraying her in this way.

She shared the story on Reddit's Relationship Advice forum in the hope of getting some much-needed perspective on the situation.

In her post, she explains how her husband was worried she was cheating on him, but admits she could never do anything like that as her "guilty conscience is far too high".

She says her partner confronted her about it, she set him straight and thought that was the end of it - until a random Amazon package arrived at their home.

"I didn't open it, but we had no scheduled deliveries from Amazon and we share an account, so I thought that was weird," she wrote on Reddit.

"All of a sudden there was a smoke alarm just about above the toilet in the bathroom and I mentioned it to him and he said yeah and just shrugged it off, acting as normal as usual. I thought it was weird but went about my business.

"Well, me not being an idiot, did a little digging and found out it's a hidden camera disguised as a smoke alarm. I'm sickened and disgusted, I confront him and he says he had to know if I was cheating, and thought this was the way."

 The husband hid a camera in their home. (Courtesy)

She goes on to explain that there are only a few recordings on the camera, but this knowledge doesn't make her feel better about the situation.

"He said he knows it's wrong but he loves and cares so much, that he did this crazy thing and will never do it again. To me... it sounds like bs. That's not love and that's not what you do when you care.

"So now I'm at a crossroads. He wants to 'fix' things but the only thing that would fix it is turning back time.

"I guess I'm asking, has anyone been through this? And what did you do? I feel my conscience weighing because this will break up my family. But I cannot come to terms to be ok with these actions."

Hundreds of people have responded to the post sharing their thoughts on the topic.

One person said: "Any chance he's projecting and he's the one cheating?"

Another wrote: "I dated a guy like this. I never had to deal with the whole camera situation, but I couldn't even go to the grocery without him questioning me. If I was there longer than he thought I should be he would aggressively accuse me of cheating, and I can assure you there was never anything that happened to prompt that behaviour from him or suspicion. It was awful."

A third added: "Jealousy is not love. He’s jealous, insecure, accusatory sneaky, doesn’t trust you and disrespects you. I feel like you’re constantly going to have to prove your fidelity since he’s already decided you’re guilty. I’ve been there and it’s a terrible way to live. I’ll never allow anyone to do that to me again. Wish you luck. He needs therapy."



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