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How to seduce a woman

 Be smooth!

In this era of players, hustlers and losers, the art of wooing a woman is a thing of the past. The gentleman has become extinct. Courtship and chivalry died out a long time ago and must now be in a museum somewhere, right next to abstinence.

To modern day men, courting is synonymous with alcohol. The only thing they have to do to secure women is buy them a few rounds. No man is wasting his time trying to court a woman. They all want to go all the way immediately and if a woman doesn’t give it up, they move on to the next.

You can stand out from the crowd and be a modern-day gentleman by reclaiming the lost art of courtship. Here are a few old but sure ways to win her over.

Buy her flowers

Unfortunately, men today think that buying flowers is cliché and corny. There are quite a few women who have never at any point in their dating lives received flowers from a man. In the olden days, it used to be routine to show up for a first date with a bouquet of flowers at hand. This was done to show affection and make a memorable impression. Nowadays, the only time a man considers getting flowers for his lady is when he is apologising for something. Make it a habit to show your woman how much you care by regularly bringing flowers home, not just when you are trying to resolve a conflict.

Kiss her hand

Most modern men are trying to win over women’s affection with elaborate, over-the-top contemporary dating habits and are unaware that old-fashioned methods of courting, such as kissing her hand will win her over better than any grand gesture you employ. A hand kiss is a courtly, tender and respectful gesture and can be as romantic today as it was in the past. A properly done chivalrous kiss on the hand will make her heart melt. This seemingly archaic sign of regard for a woman is the ultimate way to make a woman feel special. Greet your date with a simple hand kiss and it will leave her longing for more.

Open doors and pull out chairs for her

The next time you go to pick up your lady for a date, open the car door for her to enter and when you reach your destination, open the car door for her to exit. In addition to that, open and hold the door for her as she enters the restaurant. Once inside the restaurant, pull out the chair for her at the table. Make sure she is comfortable before taking your own seat. This is a surefire way to make your date a success. It will make her feel pampered and cared for and guarantee you a second date.

Offer her your coat or jacket if she is cold

This should be a standard thing to do for all women, not just the woman you are interested in. If a woman is cold, you offer her your jacket or coat. Men should care for women and this is one way to show that you care. It is an easy opportunity to show off your masculinity and the woman will be left feeling impressed.


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