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Former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo lured me into bed and promised to pay my school fees, claims 21-year-old school leaver


On January 15, 1996, when *Jane (not her real name) was born, Cyrus Shakhalaga Khwa Jirongo, a man who claimed President Uhuru Kenyatta once milked cows at his Kitale farm, was already a 35-year-old multi-millionaire eyeing the Lugari parliamentary seat.

Now, 21 years later, Jane is accusing the 56-year-old husband to four wives of luring her into bed after promising to pay fees for her tertiary education, a promise that ended the night polygamous Jirongo hit it wild with her.

The former Cabinet minister, however, neither picked our calls and had not responded to our texts by the time of going to press.

"I was given Jirongo’s number by a friend who said he might help pay my university fees. I sent him a text and he asked me to meet him in Nairobi," says a teary Jane.

In communications between Jane and Jirongo seen by The Nairobian, Jirongo sent a text to Jane on Wednesday February 8, at 10:15am, asking her to meet him at 7pm. He also agreed to send Sh2,000 for a taxi that would drop the needy student to the meeting point.

"I went and found him with two gentlemen, drinking whisky. I don’t drink, but he asked me to take a bottle of Tusker Light. Since I wanted to please him, I took two bottles and said I had drunk enough. He got me more bottles and then told me that he would get me a place to sleep," recalls Jane, adding that Jirongo then gave her Sh30,000 for an apartment to spend the night.

"I paid and he came to my room, saying he wanted to see how good it was. That’s when he started touching me and promised me Sh200,000 for my university fees. He also told me that there was no way he could help me if I didn’t sleep with him. Because I was desperate for the fees, and also drunk, I agreed and he had sex with me without protection. On Thursday morning, he asked me to stay in the apartment and promised to return with my school fees in the evening," says Jane.

She says, Jirongo returned in the afternoon for more sex until Friday morning, leaving at 5am. Jane says Jirongo promised to send her the money by 10am.

On Friday at 11:25am, Jane, while still at the furnished apartment, sent Jirongo a text message as he was not picking her calls. "Si you send me money I go. Mbona unanifanyia hivi? And I trusted you ukanif**k bila cd na sina hata pesa ya pills," to which, at 11:59am, Jirongo replied, "Unatumiwa fair (sic). The 200k till next week Thursday."

At 3:09pm, Jane sent another text asking him to return to the apartment as promised and Jirongo, promptly replied, saying he would be there. He then sent her another message saying, "I have asked someone to send you 12k," before firing another text cautioning her to take pills to avoid getting pregnant.

After that, things went downhill.

Jane was expecting Sh200,000 for her fees, but Jirongo was talking about sending Sh12,000. The two exchanged angry texts with a furious Jane asking: "Ulikuwa unanipromise na huwezi nisaidia kunit**ba tuu ndio ulitaka seriously?"

Jirongo responded, warning her, "If you start that way even the 200k you’ll not get. I thought you were mature." He sent another text telling her: "You’ll loose (sic) if you don’t listen to what I tell you. The least I want is a friend who doesn’t listen and uses such bad language as you just did in one of your sms."

By February 23, the two were still embroiled in a bitter spat through text messages. At 11:11am, Jirongo fired off a text to Jane saying, "So you were on a mission pretending to be a good woman?"

Jane answered back two minutes later, "What mission after you have fuc**d me, we agree you were to send me school fees?"

"Maybe I dealt with the wrong person," says Jirongo.

Jane then called one of the men Jirongo had been drinking with to ask him to talk to Jirongo over her school fees.

Minutes later, Jirongo texted back, "Why do you involve small boys in your issues? You don’t respect your privacy? You have no respect for anything?" He further tells her to let the man she talked to give her the money for school fees.

Jane fired another salvo, "I am trying to be good but you don’t see. How much did we agree you were to send me? You know you are my grandfather." To which Jirongo retorted, "The price of a grandfather is 200k?"

"Since that day, he has never picked my calls, and only communicates to me through text messages," says Jane, admitting that she made a mistake by sleeping with Jirongo and has already done HIV tests.

"I am desperate to go to university, my parents can’t afford to pay my fees. I had hoped that Jirongo will help me, and I blame myself for falling so easily into his trap."

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