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I want my wife back: Drama in Kakamega as wife swap turns nasty

 Susan Juma(right) 21 dumped Patrick Mangala, her 26-year-old philandering husband, after five years of marriage and moved in with Ernest Anjeche, 44(left)

Kakamega is the home of tasty kienyeji chicken, night runners who race like the wind, the gold mines of Ikolomani, mundu khu mundu bullfights and Muliro Gardens that are infamous for daytime romps. And if you ever doubted that old is gold, Kakamega is your answer.

When a young woman discovered that her youthful boda boda husband was sleeping with an older woman who had abandoned her elderly husband, she packed her cooking stick, moved into the woman’s house and became wife to the jilted elderly man. Life, she says, has never been better, for the old warrior cranks it in ways the boda boda fellow never could.

Susan Juma, 21 and a mother of two sons (three years and eight months), dumped Patrick Mangala, her 26-year-old philandering husband, after five years of marriage and moved in with Ernest Anjeche, 44. It has been two months of bliss for the new lovers.

Susan revealed to The Nairobian at her new Shamala village home in Lurambi that apart from not getting beaten like her ex used to, her new man’s sex schedule is so thrilling; she has no regrets for swapping spouses.

She left her former husband’s home in Shitirira village to stay at Shamala in the same constituency just a few kilometers way.

“Anjeche is elderly and very caring. He is a night watchman who hardly makes love at night but compensates during the day which is more enjoyable to me,” she said.

Susan found herself changing husbands when Mangala, a boda boda rider, started a love affair with Anjeche’s wife, Doreen Mukhonja.

“He used to give her free rides on his motorbike. Then they started dating. Whenever I raised the matter, he would become violent and beat me,” said Susan who dropped out of school in Form Three at Malava Girls High School.

The scandalous affair angered both Susan and Anjeche when it became the subject of village gossip, so the two decided to ‘revenge’ by equally having an affair. Not surprisingly, this did not go down well with Mangala who physically confronted Anjeche before village elder aka Liguru Indangasi restrained them.

Indangasi, with the help of Administration Police officers, escorted the two to Shikoti Chief’s Camp where an intriguing ceasefire was discussed, agreed upon and signed by both parties.

“We wrote an agreement to the effect that we were all sinners; that we accepted to forgive each other before the eyes of the Liguru and Chief; and that we would swap spouses for the sake of lasting peace, since each of us was not happy with our former partners anyway,” said Anjeche, who was willing to pay bride price for his new catch, Susan.

But the agreement ran into murky waters when the issue of children came up, since both women swapping husbands have two babies each. It was, however, agreed that the mothers move with the children until the children turn 18 when they could return to their biological fathers.

That was not all. After the pact had been signed, Mangala refused to take in his lover Doreen (Anjeche’s wife) claiming that he knew only one ‘legal’ wife, Susan.

“Wewe uko na wangu na mimi wako sina (you have my wife but I don’t have yours),” Mangala wrote to Anjeche.

Susan, however, maintained that Mangala should stick to the woman he was cheating on her with because in any case, he had not paid a single cow to her parents.

Area Chief Nicholas Odhiambo admitted that he is aware of the saga, but said the two men entered the agreement in his office behind his back.

“Those men should be arrested for what they did,” he said. “They entered into that agreement without my knowledge. Now I hear Mangala is threatening the other man with death.”

Mangala’s father, Peter Mangala, 96, blamed the chief’s office for leading people into “silly agreements.”

“How can such a pact be reached without involving parents of the aggrieved parties?” he posed when reached by The Nairobian.

A Kakamega lawyer, Brian Minishi, laughed off the ‘agreement,’ saying that a Liguru, an Administration Police officer or a chief is not mandated by law to commission oaths.

“If there is anything they signed, it is null and void. I think it was done under duress,” said the learned friend.

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