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Why you should worry when your man starts showing these five signs in the bedroom

 Is your partner exhibiting any of these signs in the bedroom?

Sadly, infidelity has become commonplace in today’s marriages. Is anyone faithful anymore? Even though women cheat on their husbands too, men are the worst culprits. Cheating men go to great lengths to keep their indiscretions under wraps, but there are many obvious signs that indicate that a man may be cheating.

For instance, a lot of secretive phone and computer use, unexplained expenses and sudden schedule changes. However, there are a few other subtle signs, specifically in his sex life with you that also show that he may be cheating. Is your partner exhibiting any of these signs in the bedroom?

He is no longer interested in sex with you.

Unlike their female counterparts, men are rarely ever ‘not in the mood’. So, barring any medical issue, you should be greatly concerned if he all of a sudden stops initiating sex with you.

His lack of interest in having sex with you doesn’t mean he is experiencing a sudden low sex drive. More often than not, it means he is getting his rocks off from someone else.  His appetite for sex hasn’t changed, only who he is having it with.

He lasts unusually long in bed.

Let’s say he is having sex with another woman but he still wants to do you when he gets home. There is another way to tell if he has been getting his rocks off somewhere else. It is every woman’s dream to have her man last a little bit longer in bed.

However, if for some unexplained reason your man is taking longer than usual to cum, he could be cheating. Taking longer to cum means he already bust a load before so this for him is round two and that’s the reason he is lasting an impressive 15 minutes instead of his usual three minutes.

He has new moves and techniques.

It is always great when a man introduces some new moves, positions or techniques in the bedroom to spice things up.

However, before you start thanking God for how good he has suddenly become at going down on you, you might want to consider the fact that he is learning these moves from someone else. Sorry to burst your bubble but a man’s head game doesn’t improve overnight. There must be someone else showing him some new ways to get a woman off and he is using these new techniques on you.

All of a sudden, he is keen on manscaping.

Most men don’t care about keeping things trimmed and neat down there. In fact, most men just hate it. They will do it at the beginning of the relationship but once they’ve settled down with you and are comfortable around you, they won’t care about manscaping.

If your man who previously didn’t care about manscaping is suddenly keeping his man parts clean-shaved at all times, there might be another woman in the picture. Their relationship is new so he is still trying to impress her, hence the neatly shaved genitals.

He turns down spontaneous, after work sex.

Most men meet with their mistresses when they get off work before they head home to play the role of the doting husband.

If your man is suddenly working late and you suspect he might have someone else on the side, try initiating some spontaneous sex the minute he walks through the door. A faithful man will jump at the opportunity. If he has just come from having sex with his mistress, he will blow you off. Reason being, he needs some time to get it up again.

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