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Girls, never hurt the heart that loves you


Couple arguing

Last weekend, we were chilling with my boys when one shared a story on how the entire estate was treated to drama when a woman accused her fiancé of infidelity without--big mistake--hard evidence.

The hue and cry Felista raised very publicly left her man hurt. Their relationship was left on the brink of tatters. The man of the house was reduced to leaving early and returning late.

So how did the woman come to such an unfortunate and wrong conclusion? Simple; age-old jealousy among women.

As it emerged later, one of Felista’s acquaintances had a soft spot for her man. She had been eying the man, hoping to catch his attention, but as fate would have it, it was her friend Felista who landed the hunk.

Since the ladies were friends, you would imagine that this would be enough to convince her to look elsewhere for a soul mate. But that was not the case. Instead of looking for a new man, the woman devised ways of poisoning her friend’s mind about her man in an orchestrated manner. Women! Women! Women!

It was done in such a calculated approach to ensure that she remained in the background ready to pick up the pieces, once her friend’s relationship had gone to the dogs ( By the way, why do we say this, is it not a little disrespectful to the ever-friendly and obedient canines? And man’s best friend?)

Sweet nothings

She kept sowing the seeds of discontent. She knew the guy’s favourite hangout, and every time she saw the guy, she would wait until the following day to call Felista and pretend to give a sister classified info about her man’s wayward ways.

Foolishly, Felista bought everything told to her hook, line and sinker (I have really been yearning to use that phrase, hehe there you go!).

Women, let me tell you something. Men do not wake up in the morning and decide to cheat on you. Nine out of ten times, you are responsible for it.

Painful, but very true! Look, if you have made headaches (fake, of course!) a terminal illness at bedtime, disregard your styling and grooming, and take little time to listen to him and whisper sweet nothings in his ear, you are inviting competition in your relationship. You can take that to the bank.

Have you seen the way the hawkers or newspaper vendors hassle to make a sale? That is the kind of competition you will be inviting on yourself.

When you sit pretty and think you have it all figured out and complacency starts to creep in, when the centre can no longer hold and you are no longer at ease, it could be the beginning of your end.

Wildly loving

Unfortunately, for many women the beginning of the end is not really the ‘beginning’, it is usually the last nail in the coffin, the one that carries away the little precious remains of what was once a vibrant, warm and wildly-loving relationship.

Listen up ladies, if you cannot take care of your man, another woman will take note and do it, not for you but for herself while you are left clutching on straws and memories that will only remain that - sweet memories.

Whoever said women are their worst enemy was not too far off the mark. Like my editor likes saying, correct me if I am right.

Photo: www.timeslive.co.za

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