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Do you use cologne, beauty products? You’re committing slow suicide: Study


Beauty products

In my life’s journey, I have encountered all sorts of characters. However, none is as controversial as Jared. I have known Jared for quite some time. I have known him from the days when politicians currently in ‘Nyumba ya Wazee’ (read Senate) were considered Young Turks.

If there was one queer thing about the fellow, he had sworn that he would never wear cologne or deodorant spray. He claimed that these things would make one sick. We would laugh it off, and tell him that he was just being petulant as he could not afford the sprays.

But he would have none of that. He would instead point out that if he stopped buying us beer for a week, he would save enough to buy those “expensive scented liquids”; his words not mine. He would go ahead and say that in his village, spray was only used on dead people, to make them smell like flowers.

Decrease your sperm count

Now it looks like after all those years, Jared may have been right for science appears to vindicate him. In your daily effort to be a well-groomed man, you may have invested in personal cosmetics including shaving gels and creams, deodorant, shampoo, cologne and antibacterial soaps, or any of their cousins.

A new study now suggests that just a single use of these common products could up your intake of dangerous chemicals that may significantly decrease your sperm count. They may also put you at higher risk for developing cancer.

In pursuit of designer colognes, and other beauty products, men come into contact with chemicals traditionally used in toiletries that are harmful to their reproductive health, according to the first study which has analysed their impact.

The chemicals cited in this study, endocrine disruptor compounds (EDCs), are found in toiletries: toothpaste, shampoos, perfumes, air fresheners, shaving creams and sun screens.

EDCs cause infertility, poor semen quality and deformation of the penis. Ouch! Surprised? You ought to be, if you are one of the men have been married for years with nothing to show for it. You could be the one with the problem.

If you are an average guy keen to look good and impress women like Frao, you could be using up to six personal care products a day. These products can contain upward of 80 different chemicals, according to the study. Many of these chemicals are taken into your body through your skin, or your nose.

Natural scent

When a man has been exposed to these chemicals for a long period he risks testicular cancer among other cancers, infertility as well as birth defects and learning disabilities in any children he may sire.

So while men are dressing to kill and wearing such strong colognes you would think they showered in them, they are ruining their chances of ever fathering a child they can take to their mother.

As for me and my house I am seriously contemplating abandoning the colognes and operating my natural scent; it is called sweat. I am told women like men’s sweat! ‘Mwanaume ni kajasho!’


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